Are the dog days of summer getting to you? Need a change in your life as you wade through the hot, dry months that never quite seem to end? Why not spruce up the look of your Chrome browser with a new theme?

There are a wide variety of new 2012 Chrome themes out there for you to choose from, some full of color and striking images while others showcase your favorite band or sports team.

Take a look at a few of our favorite new Chrome themes for 2012:

Pink Floyd – The Wall Theme, 2012

Pink Floyd Chrome Theme

It’s pretty simple: this Chrome theme celebrates one of the most iconic rock albums of all time. Give your browser the boost it needs and, while you’re at it, go listen to some Pink Floyd.

New York Yankees for Chrome

New York Yankees Chrome

Brand Thunder is proud to offer the official browser themes for all 30 Major League Baseball clubs, including the vaunted New York Yankees. With a storied history and a current team full of future Hall-of-Fame players, Yankees fans have a lot to be proud of.

BustATECH Theme

ButstaTech Chrome Theme 2012

Created by BustATECH , this Chrome theme offers up a fresh take on the rainbow (which is hard to do). This is the perfect option if you’re looking to add plenty of color to your browser.

Neon Lights Chrome Theme

2012 Neon Lights

Sometimes, you don’t need anything fancy to be impressed. Here you get beautiful neon imagery on a stark black background.

Ocean Pacific Theme

Ocean Pacific Chrome Theme

This may not necessarily be a new Chrome theme, but it’s a favorite of ours and should certainly be considered if it’s at least new to you. Founded in 1972, Ocean Pacific turned the world of surfing into a fashion statement by creating a line of clothing dedicated to that lifestyle. This theme continues to be popular for its contrasting colors and vintage look – not bad, huh?

Autumn for Chrome

New Autumn Chrome Theme

Summer will be over soon, whether we like it or not. Once that fact is accepted, we can move on to embracing the feel and color that comes with autumn. With the leaves changing, we are provided a great mix of colors, which are perfectly illustrated in this theme.

Emma Watson Chrome Theme 2012

New Emma Watson Chrome Theme

New Fluttershy Theme for Chrome

Fluttershy Theme for Chrome

Sailing to Sunset Theme

Sailing to Sunset Chrome ThemeEarth Chrome Theme 2012

Earth Chrome Theme 2012

These are just a handful of our favorite new 2012 Chrome themes. Whatever your preference, you’re bound to find something you like. There are literally thousands of great Chrome themes to choose from – you just have to look!

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