The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and everything is starting to bloom – spring has sprung! As the season begins to lift everyone’s spirits after another long, cold winter, celebrate it by choosing some great Spring themes for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Now, whenever you browse the Internet, you’ll be reminded of how uplifting spring can be and can look forward to the many warm months ahead.

Take a look at some of these fun and colorful spring-related web browser themes:

Promise of Summer

Spring Theme - Promise of Summer

This beautiful, flowery browser theme is a perfect spring addition, which, as its name suggests, gives you a promise of the warmer, carefree days ahead.

Spring Arrivals

Spring Arrivals Browser Theme

Celebrate the return of the colors and life of the season with this browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Lovely Spring Chrome Theme

Spring Chrome Theme

Pink and green hues are the highlight of this theme for Google Chrome, depicting a beautiful shot of a Japanese maple tree with pink whirlybird seeds.

Pamela Anderson on Daisy

Pamela Anderson on a Daisy

Are you a guy who wants to celebrate the return of spring but don’t want to be made fun of for putting flowers all over your computer? Dress up your browser with this theme, complete with actress Pamela Anderson lying down on a daisy. It’s the perfect way to covertly celebrate the season. Enough said, right?

Spring Easter’s Bunnies

Spring Easter Bunny Theme

Easter might be early in the spring season, but who wouldn’t want to look at these cute bunnies for a few extra months?

Cherry Blossom Chrome Theme

Spring Cherry Blossom for Chrome

The cherry blossom is one of the most beautiful trees of the spring season, and you can celebrate it with this beautiful Google Chrome theme.

Create your own Spring Browser Theme

Perhaps these Spring themes aren’t really the designs you’re looking for to spice up your browser and get into the Spring feel. Check out our free browser theme tool and have fun creating your very own Spring browser theme design to share with your friends.

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