Mozilla Thunderbird Theme postAs far as desktop email clients go, Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular choice among users. Much like Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, Thunderbird offers plenty of flexibility, including the ability to collect all of your email accounts in one place.

There is also a great deal of flexibility when it comes to customizing the look of one’s Thunderbird client. As is usually the case with Mozilla, there are many different themes to choose from. Some are full of bright colors and icons, while others go for a more reserved approach. Other Thunderbird skins are even built with your favorite TV shows in mind.

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a theme for you. Take a look at a few of our favorites below:

Nuvola Thunderbird Theme

Nuvola Thunderbird Theme

With colorful custom icons on a light gray background, this is a Thunderbird skin that pops.


PitchDark Theme for Thunderbird

If you’re more into dark colors, there are plenty of Thunderbird themes like this available as well.


Silvermel Theme Mozilla Thunderbird

Something about this theme gives off a rustic feel (and by something, we mean the icons). It’s not overly flashy, but it’s clean and certainly looks good.

Tangerinebird Thunderbird Theme

Tangerinebird Theme for Mozilla  Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird skins come in an endless variety of colors and styles, but something about this tangerine-shaded theme really stands out.


Futurama Theme

Are you a huge fan of the show “Futurama?” Well, you’re in luck because there is a Thunderbird theme that showcases the hilarious animated show (which was luckily saved by Comedy Central).

Whitehart Theme

WhiteHart Thunderbird

Maybe you just want a no-frills email client that gets the job done without any flashy colors. You’re a clean-cut person, so you want a clean-cut Thunderbird skin. If that’s the case, Whitehart is for you.


Glowywine-Thunderbird Theme

This is dark red and gold theme gives off a truly unique look, which is perfect for users looking for something different with their Thunderbird client.

More Thunderbird Themes

These are just 7 of our favorite Mozilla Thunderbird themes but there are literally hundreds more. Check out more themes by category:

With these various Thunderbird themes, you are able to completely customize your email client any way you like. Combine that with its flexibility and ease of use and you have an unbeatable option.

Have a favorite Thunderbird skin? Let us know what it is!

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