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With seven books and eight movies, Harry Potter has become one of the most popular and successful characters in recent memory. And even though the movie series has finally been completed, that doesn’t mean fans are any less rabid about their favorite boy wizard.

In fact, the series continues to bring in new fans – both young and old – on a daily basis. That means there are hundreds of different Chrome themes out there that let you show your support to the series – everything from movie scenes to the patches of your favorite house in Hogwarts.

To get you started, here are some of our favorite Harry Potter Google Chrome themes:

Harry Potter Chrome Theme and Extension

Harry Potter Chrome Theme and Extension

This Harry Potter Chrome theme designed by resident Brand Thunder artist, MaDonna, is a true tribute to your favorite fantasy series. This Harry Potter Chrome theme and extension includes cool imagery of Harry Potter characters and the New Tab Page experience offers links to Harry Potter content and integrated search capabilities. Plus, the social connections allow you to interact with other real Harry Potter fans on social media, instantly. This Harry Potter theme is available in the Brand Thunder theme galleryTip: Easily alternate between this Harry Potter Chrome theme and your other favorite themes by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension

Harry Potter Hogwarts for Chrome

Hogwarts Harry Potter Chrome theme

While some Harry Potter Chrome themes focus on the series’ characters, others choose to highlight a particular setting, like Hogwarts. This theme shows the aftermath of the final battle with Voldemort, including the damage done to the school against a beautiful backdrop.

Harry Potter & Voldemort Chrome Theme

Harry Potter Final

Everything in the Harry Potter series led to the final showdown between Harry Potter, Voldemort and just about every other wizard out there. This Harry Potter theme showcases that epic conclusion to the series, sprawled out over two pulse-pounding movies.

These Harry Potter Google Chrome themes offer up just a sampling of the variety that you can find online. With such a passionate fan base, new themes are popping up all the time, which means you’ll have plenty to choose from in the future as well.

Better yet, you can even create your own Harry Potter theme and share it online as well. Create it through BT:Engage  and earn exposure for your new theme in a few easy steps!

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