The book series and the film saga may be finished, but Harry Potter continues to resonate with a worldwide audience. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has not heard of Potter and his story, and many people continue to be rabid fans of the series. At Brand Thunder, we understand the dedication of Harry Potter fans. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favorite Harry Potter Chrome themes, which are sure to entertain and perhaps even inspire you to revisit the series itself.

Take a look at three spell-binding Harry Potter themes below.

Harry Potter Chrome Theme and Extension

Harry Potter Chrome Theme and Extension

This Harry Potter Chrome theme designed by resident Brand Thunder artist, MaDonna, is a true tribute to your favorite fantasy series. This Harry Potter Chrome theme and extension includes cool imagery of Harry Potter characters and the New Tab Page experience offers links to Harry Potter content and integrated search capabilities. Plus, the social connections allow you to interact with other real Harry Potter fans on social media, instantly. This Harry Potter theme is available in the Brand Thunder theme galleryTip: Easily alternate between this Harry Potter Chrome theme and your other favorite themes by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension


Harry Potter Firefox

Is the seventh book in the series your favorite? As the action-packed conclusion, it’s hard for it not to be one of the best books in the saga, and this Chrome theme showcases that book with a dark theme that is highlighted only by a ravaged Hogwarts.

Intense Harry Potter Theme

One of the best aspects of the Harry Potter series is how serious a turn it takes towards the end. By not pandering to a specific audience, the books and movies have a much wider appeal. Nothing captures the serious nature of the final two movies like this intense theme from vrkmphoto.

Not surprisingly, Harry Potter’s popularity continues to soar, meaning there are new Harry Potter Google Chrome themes being created every day. You can find even more Harry Potter Chrome themes, or you can create your own using BT:Engage, helping you contribute to the Harry Potter community!

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