Firefox logoFirefox 11 was released on March 13th and brought some modest improvements over the previous Firefox 10 release. Among the most important updates was the ability to sync your Firefox add-ons across multiple devices including Android smartphones and tablets. The ability to sync your add-ons is possible no matter which operating system you use.

This is great news for Firefox Theme users as any theme add-ons that you had installed on your Firefox browser can now be synced across all your computers in Firefox 11. Let’s say you had an amazing Neon Lights theme on your Firefox browser on your laptop but not on your home desktop. Now with Firefox 11, the software will now automatically download all add-ons tied to the account and automatically install the add-ons on both computers after you update on either one. Brilliant, and perfect for Firefox theme users and fans of new Firefox 11 themes. Here’s a list of some of our favorite new themes for Firefox 11:

Best Firefox 11 Themes

Bob Marley Theme

Bob Marley Firefox Theme

Brand Thunder worked with the team at to create a theme to pay tribute to the world’s most popular Reggae music legend. This theme not only looks sweet with Red, Yellow and Green colors, the theme is interactive and provides links to the best of, music clips, news and much more!

NASA Image of the Week Theme

NASA Firefox Theme

It seems the Firefox 11 themes that deal with space exploration or images of space seem to be among the most popular each month with our fans. The NASA image of the week theme is among our best space themes in our gallery. This theme gives your browser a new NASA image each week from their space picture gallery. This is a must have theme for space lovers.

Weather Theme for Firefox 11

Weather Firefox Theme

Weather junkies, we know you’re out there! This is the only Firefox 11 theme that actually changes with the weather. This theme will reflect your local weather conditions and change design. If it’s sunny outside, the theme will reflect that; if it’s cloudy, the theme will show more clouds. Get one of the best looking themes and the most useful with local weather conditions right in your browser.

Looking for Group

Looking for Group Firefox Theme

The popular web comic Looking for Group has their own theme for Firefox, IE and Chrome. Gain access to the latest comic strips, news and social media accounts for this online web comic. Slick designs spiced with amazing web comic graphics make this theme a favorite with our fans.

Chicago Blackhawks Firefox Theme

Chicago Blackhawks Firefox

You don’t have to be a hockey fan to enjoy this theme for Firefox 11. The legendary hockey team has one of the most recognizable logos in all of sports with the famous Blackhawk Indian logo. This beautiful theme also provides up to the minute scores, news, highlights and more for the true Blackhawk fans.

Nature Interactive Persona

Nature Firefox 11

It’s officially Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and the weather is getting nicer by the minute. Fans of the outdoors will love this theme compatible with Firefox 11. This theme will provide great outdoor photographic images that can be changed anytime you want a new look. A peaceful and beautiful theme for nature lovers.

Christmas Firefox Theme

Firefox 11 Christmas

Christmas in July, Christmas any time of year! Some of our most popular themes are our Holiday themes and the Christmas theme is the most popular. Show your love of Christmas all year long with amazing Christmas imagery for your Firefox browser. Also included are links to holiday music, great deals, gift ideas and much more.

University of Texas

University of Texas Firefox Theme

Austin Texas is home to THE largest university in the United States. The Texans are passionate about their Longhorns and Texas sports. This theme is the OFFICIAL Firefox 11 theme for the University of Texas and provides quick links to the best of all your favorite Longhorn Athletics.

Easter Theme – Firefox 11

Easter Firefox Skin

Easter is approaching and we have you covered with and Easter theme for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. This is a light-hearted theme with the Easter bunny rabbit holding up a sign proclaiming “Happy Easter”. There are images of fresh Spring grass and an assortment of Easter eggs in on the right hand side of the theme. Spice up your browser with this Spring-time and Easter theme.

Beach Life Theme

Beach Life Firefox

Hit the beach anytime of year with the Beach Life browser theme. This Firefox 11 theme provides a great beach view for the top of your browser that actually changes at night. This is the perfect theme for beach bums around the world and reminds you where you want to be while you’re working away at your office.

Celebrity News Theme

Celebrity News Firefox Skin

Celebrity news is everywhere and celeb fever is contagious. Never lose a beat on the latest in Hollywood with this “Celebrity News” theme for Firefox 11. Download a great looking celebrity theme with quick links to sites like Facebook, Twitter and even a video sidebar to stay current on the latest celebrity news or scandals. This is a celebrity news junkie’s dream for browser themes.

More Firefox 11 Themes

These are just some of the best Firefox 11 themes in our gallery. There are thousands more themes listed by category in our gallery. You may also want to check out Firefox 11 compatible themes and personas in the official Firefox personas gallery. Or you can build your own Firefox 11 theme using the Firefox Theme Creator. This tool allows anyone to create their very own theme in minutes without any technical knowledge. Simply pick your background colors, upload your images or designs, include quick links to your favorite sites, and you have a brand new theme in minutes.

Other Firefox 11 updates include:

  • Page Inspector 3D View – Allows developers to get under the hood and understand a site structure.
  • New Style Editor Tool – Developers can edit CSS Stylesheets like a text editor.
  • Import settings, cookies, bookmarks and other items from Google Chrome.

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