Brand Thunder has been working hard to create an ever increasing gallery of new Chrome themes for our users. While we started creating themes back in 2007 specifically for Internet Explorer and Firefox, Chrome themes have taken the browser theme community by storm, with huge communities of fans changing their themes regularly. To keep up with the demand in Google Chrome Themes, our designers and dot net developers have updated our Chrome theme gallery with a suite of new themes to spice up your Google Chrome browser. Here are some of the newest creations here in 2012:

New Chrome Themes 2012

New Neon Lights

New neon lights

This new Chrome theme from Brand Thunder brings NEON right to your Chrome browser. A slick theme with streaks of neon light splatter the background and onto the toolbar area on top of the browser. Get quick links to your favorite social media sites on the right hand side of the browser. The theme is for serious Neon lights fans.

NASA Chrome Theme

New NASA Theme

Fans of space exploration and generally amazing photos of space will love this new official NASA chrome theme. Get space imagery in your browser along with a NASA news ticker and amazing videos and photos in the sidebar.  This theme provides a new image of space each week from NASA.

New Easter Chrome

New Easter

Even if it’s not Easter time, you can enjoy this light-hearted theme with an Easter bunny rabbit popping up from her pile of Easter eggs. This Interactive theme not only provides stunning background imagery of Easter eggs and visions of Spring, this theme includes quick links to send your own eCard, Easter planning tips, and a video sidebar for top Holiday features. Check out some of the other Holiday Chrome themes like the St. Patrick’s Day Theme, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas Theme.

Girls Generation Chrome Theme

Girls Generation Chrome

Girls’ Generation is one of the hottest music groups in the World right now direct from South Korea. This pop group is a nine member band that has taken the World pop music scene by storm. This new theme provides a tribute to the group with images of the artists in the background and header along with quick links to the latest Girls’ Generation news, tour dates, and social media accounts to connect with them.

Girls with Slingshots Chrome

NEW GWS Chrome

In keeping with the “Girls” theme, this new Girls with Slingshots Chrome theme pays tribute to the popular Web Comic. GWS is one of the most popular Web Comics in the world with thousands of online readers enjoying the popular comic strip. As a fan of comics, this theme will keep you updated with the latest posts right from the feed reader of the browser. This is the OFFICIAL Girls with Slingshots theme for Google Chrome.

New LA Galaxy Chrome

New LA Galaxy

David Beckham is one of the most recognizable celebrities and footballers (or soccer players) in the World. Beckhams’ team, the LA Galaxy, has their own Google Chrome theme to help fans stay updated with the latest from the team. This Chrome theme provides stunning images of some of the players along with a background draped in the LA Galaxy team colors. Stay connected with the latest from the LA Galaxy with this new Chrome theme that includes breaking Galaxy news, social media connections to Facebook and Twitter where you can connect with the team, and quick links to the best of the LA Galaxy website.

Chrome St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patty's Day Chrome

This is a lively St. Patrick’s Day theme for Chrome with an Irish Leprechaun handing you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This new theme for Google Chrome was created to celebrate the holiday and provides St. Patty’s day music, great deals and much more right from your browser. You’ll even receive a video sidebar for great St. Patty’s day videos, and a quick link to find the best St. Patrick’s Day parades around the World. Even if it’s not St. Patrick’s Day, this theme shows your “Irish Pride” and provides a blast a fresh air to an otherwise boring Google Chrome browser theme.

New Mindless Behavior Theme

MB Chrome - New

This new Chrome theme comes from one of the most popular pop groups in the World right now, Mindless Behavior. This 4 piece pop group has take the music scene by storm and has sold millions of copies of their latest album. This stunning theme pays tribute to the band with a photo of the group along with quick links to the best of their music, social media accounts and the latest Mindless Behavior news right in the browser. This is a must have Chrome theme for pop music fans and fans of the band Mindless Behavior.

New Fiery Horse Theme

New Fiery Horse Theme

This is a stunning new Chrome theme created by Vivek Kumar from This is a dark black theme with the image of a Horse that has caught on fire, hence the name: Fiery Horse Chrome Theme.

Colorful Sunset Chrome Theme

New Sunset Chrome Theme

There are a number of beautiful sunset themes for Chrome, but this one is one of the best. The sun is dipping beneath the clouds and soon will dip below the horizon into the water. With a rainbow colored sky and dark evening clouds, this is a simply amazing theme and extension for your browser. One of the best new themes for Chrome available in the store.

New Huffington Post Theme

New Chrome Huffington Post

The World’s leading Internet newspaper, the Huffington Post, commissioned Brand Thunder to create a new Chrome theme for their brand. This is the Official Huffington Post Extension and browser which includes quick links to popular sections of the site directly from your Chrome browser. Gain access to the best in politics, entertainment and news from toolbar buttons right below the address bar. This is a theme for serious news fans and those that generally want to stay updated in the latest news and entertainment directly from their Chrome Browser.

And Even More New Chrome Themes

The lists could go on and on, but we chose some of our favorite new Chrome themes for 2012 so far. What are some of your favorite new creations from the world of Chrome? Please comment and list your top choices:

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