If you’re looking to change the look and feel of your browser, it’s understandable that you would want it to be as cool and sleek as possible. Luckily for you, there are plenty of cool Firefox themes out there, no matter where your interests lie.

Here is a look at some of the coolest Firefox themes. Some cater to specific interests while others offer plenty of customizable options to help you truly make the theme your own. Either way, you are sure to find a theme that fits your personality perfectly, even if you have to keep searching.

Major League Baseball Themes

Cool Red Sox Theme

At Brand Thunder, we love our baseball. You can understand, then, our excitement when we rolled out the official Firefox themes for Major League Baseball. In these very cool Firefox themes, you get up-to-the-minute scores and updates, including breaking news, exclusive contests and more.

NASA Image of the Week

NASA Theme for your browser

This excellent theme essentially gives you a new look each week by providing you with NASA’s Image of the Day. Not only that, but you’ll get instant access to the official sites for NASA, the Hubble telescope, and the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum. If you’re a space junkie, you need this theme.

Weather Interactive Persona

Tell the Weather Theme

This is another ever-changing browser theme, as it reflects current, local weather conditions. You will also get an in-browser three-day forecast and a sidebar that shows the current conditions in your area.

Fish-Filled Aquarium

Cool Aquarium

Tremendously colorful and full of different fish, this is the perfect Firefox theme for users not only fascinated with life in the ocean, but with making sure their browser looks as cool as possible.

Shine Bright Skin

shine Bright Skin Theme

This cool Firefox theme is all about minimalism, mirroring some design aspects of Google Chrome, such as thinner tabs. The light blue color in the background gives this simple skin a very polished look. This theme is also Aero compatible.

FT SleekDark Firefox Theme

FT Sleek Dark Firefox Theme

Looking for a sleek alternative to your current Firefox browser theme? It doesn’t get much sleeker than this one, as it offers a full customization of the browser in dark colors. It’s a great change of pace from the usual lightly-colored themes that exist.

Afterglow for Firefox

After Glow Firefox Theme

Speaking of colorful Firefox themes, this classic one – originally developed in 2003 – is  available for Firefox 4 and higher. Users can choose from seven different color schemes, along with how they want the menus and scrollbars to look. This theme is highly customizable, which is perfect for Firefox users.

Maybe you’re looking for certain categories of cool. Here are a few you might like:

Cool Animal Themes

  • Big Cats Theme

Cool Nature Themes

  • Seagull Theme

Seagull Theme

  • Flowers in the Forest

Flowers in the Forest Firefox Theme

  • Official Nature Interactive Persona

Nature Theme for Firefox

This was just a sampling of some of the cool Firefox themes that are out there. A wider search is bound to help you find themes with even more colors and so many features you won’t even have time to browse the Internet. It’s just one of the many reasons why Firefox is such a coveted browser by so many users.

Check out the Firefox Theme Gallery or the Brand Thunder Firefox Theme Gallery for more awesome themes for your Firefox browser.

What do you think is the “Coolest” Firefox browser theme out there today? Let us know in the comments below…

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