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Web browsing is all about efficiency these days. As the major players in the market fight for supremacy, each browser has its own set of shortcuts that are meant to make everyday surfing and in-browser work easier than ever.

Firefox holds an especially advantageous position when it comes to browser shortcuts, because the Mozilla product is the preferred choice of so many web developers. With so many add-ons and tools, Firefox is an incredibly developer-friendly browser, and its shortcuts have certainly helped.

Like our list of Google Chrome shortcuts , we at Brand Thunder have put together ten must-know Firefox shortcuts that will make your browsing that much better.

Here are 10 of our favorite go-to Firefox browser shortcuts:

Toggle Private Browsing

Ctrl + Shift + P

Bookmark All Tabs

Ctrl + Shift + D

Developer Toolbar

Shift + F2

Open Address in New Tab

Alt + Enter

Switch Between Tabs

Ctrl + [1, 2, 3, etc.]

Increase/Decrease Font Size

Ctrl + (+  or – )

Undo the Close of a Tab or Window

Ctrl + Shift + T

Move Through Open Tabs

Ctrl + Tab

Complete a .Com Address

Ctrl + Enter

Page Source

Ctrl + U

We love these shortcuts for the efficiency they provide in everything from web development to bookmarking. When you start to memorize a Firefox shortcut or two, you’ll see how much easier – and faster – your browsing will be.

Looking for some more Firefox shortcuts? Find full lists of them here:

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