Chrome Browser ShortcutsWhen it comes to browsing the Internet, we all want efficiency. All of the major web browsers (ones like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome) are designed to offer users just that – an efficient, fast experience.

That is why there are a vast number of web browser shortcuts available to help make you feel like an expert in Internet browsing. These browser shortcuts do everything from managing your bookmarks to saving you valuable seconds by quickly opening new tabs or switching between the ones you already have open.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite browser shortcut keys from Chrome that are sure to make your time on this tremendously popular browser even better.


Chrome Browser Shortcuts

Bookmarking a Web Page

When browsing the Internet, it’s easy to go on a bookmarking rampage. If you’re the kind of person who loves to bookmark anything you see, you’ll want to remember this one.

Shortcut: Ctrl-D

Accessing Your Browser Downloads

This is a great browser shortcut to know if you are a frequent downloader, as it quickly lets you check the progress of your files.

Shortcut: Ctrl-J

Access the Address Bar

Chrome easily allows you to search by incorporating that function in the address bar. This shortcut makes it easy for you to search through Google or enter a web address.

Shortcut: Alt-D

Open a New Window

This Chrome shortcut lets you quickly open a new window when a new tab simply won’t do.

Shortcut: Ctrl-N

Open a New Window in Incognito Mode

Now, this Chrome browser shortcut lets you open a new window, but it’ll be incognito. You know, for when you need to do some private browsing (for whatever reason).


Open a New Tab

No matter how often you say it won’t happen, you inevitably end up with a bunch of tabs as you browse. Simply embrace it with this helpful shortcut.

Shortcut: Ctrl-T

Switch Between Tabs

Once you have given into having a vast number of tabs, you can utilize this Chrome shortcut to easily switch between them.

Shortcut: Ctrl-Tab

Reopen the Last Tab You’ve Closed

This is an especially useful browser shortcut. Chrome remembers the last ten tabs you have closed, and this nifty sequence helps you retrieve them, which is great when you accidentally close a tab you needed (but can’t remember how to get back to).

Shortcut: Ctrl-Shift-T

Open Link in New Tab

Here is another great tab-related Google Chrome shortcut, which simply lets you open a link in a background tab.

Shortcut: Ctrl-(click on hyperlink)

Open Link in New Window

Like the previous shortcut, this one allows you to open any link in a new window (in case you’re not in the 300-tabs-open-at-once game).

Shortcut: Shift-(click on hyperlink)

These are just ten of the best Chrome web browser shortcuts that are out there; there are many more that you can learn. This is simply a list to get you started feeling like a web browsing master.

Do you have a favorite Google Chrome shortcut? Let us know!

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