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Wow! What a competition for Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011. While all five finalists had merit and style, two quickly emerged as contenders for first place: Christmas Ornament and Perfect Christmas Eve. Voting was fast and furious at the end, with the lead changing several times. As in any competition, however, there can only be one winner and for this year, it turned out to be…

 And the Winner is…

Christmas Ornament(:

The winner of Apple’s iPad 2 and first prize in Brand Thunder’s Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011 is Christmas Ornament(:  In the end, user’s seemed to favor the abstract and contemporary feel captured in this holiday browser theme.

The Runner’s Up are…

Perfect Christmas Eve

Despite the idyllic snowy winter’s night, as we discovered in the movie “Elf,” Christmas spirit is running a little low for Santa. Hopefully, this doesn’t affect what appears under our Christmas tree in a couple days.

Xanapus` Lair Christmas Theme

Holiday Snow

A Year to Celebrate

Thanks to all who participated in the holiday theme contest. It was a ton of fun for us and we hope you enjoyed it as well. And while these themes are great and can bring you months of joy to your daily Internet use, don’t forget to visit the Brand Thunder Theme Gallery the next time you want a fresh look for your browser. There’s a world-class selection of Chrome themes, Firefox themes and Internet Explorer themes with new ones being added all the time.

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