The browser market is heating up with Chrome almost surpassing Firefox in the latest market share updates. Internet Explorer is still king and users of Microsoft machines are most likely running either Windows 7 or Vista. Fans of the Windows 7 UI typically like the sleek look and rich blue color of the Windows 7 background. But many Windows 7 users are starting to use Firefox as their browser of choice even over IE 8 or IE9.

The default Firefox theme is a bland gray so many users tend to “spice up” the look of their Firefox browser with themes. Now, fans of the Windows 7 look can get Windows 7 Firefox themes. Here is a list of some of the best Firefox themes for Windows 7:

Windows 7 Themes for Firefox

Default Windows 7 Theme for Firefox

Windows 7 for Firefox

Windows 7 Splash Theme

Windows 7 Theme Splash

Windows 7 Firefox Charcoal

Charcoal Windows 7 Firefox Theme

Windows 7 Green – Firefox

Windows 7 Firefox Logo

Windows 7 Tribute Theme

Windows 7 Firefox Tribute Theme

Windows 7 Firefox Welcome Theme

Welcome Firefox Theme - Windows 7

Deep Blue Windows 7 for Firefox

Windows 7 Firefox Theme - Deep Blue

Firefox Wallpapers for Windows 7

The above images are beautiful examples of Windows 7 themes for your Firefox browser. But what if you’re looking for desktop backgrounds for Windows 7 to show your enthusiasm for all things Firefox? There are several examples of Windows 7 backgrounds for your desktop, otherwise known as “Wallpapers“. Below are some of our favorite Firefox Wallpapers from sites like Vikitech. Just “right click” the images and set them as your desktop background and you are good to go.

Windows 7 Firefox Wallpaper

Windows 7 Background - Firefox

What are some of your favorite Windows 7 Themes for Firefox or Desktop Backgrounds? Please share.

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