It’s amazing looking through some of the Firefox Theme Galleries out there, the relative consistency of dark or “black” Firefox themes and personas at the top of the popularity charts. It seems that people like the dark black background against their browser helping to highlight the content below with pages across the Internet that are typically white or light colored. Perhaps they are just fans of the color black or maybe their favorite band or sports team wears all black? Whatever the reason, Black Firefox Themes are some of the more popular themes each year. We’ve taken the liberty to highlight some of the Best Black Firefox Themes and Personas. Which is your favorite?

THE Black Theme for Firefox

Black Firefox Themes

You can’t get any darker than this for a solid black background theme for Firefox. This theme created by theme designer “Madonna“, is a simple Dark Black design for Firefox. Think Simple, Darkness, Goth, and very black.

Designer Black Firefox Theme

Black Texture Theme for Firefox

This black theme provides an almost faux-finish background to the existing black background giving it a sleek designer feel. If you’re not up for a completely black backround but want a bit of texture to the theme, this one is for you. Clean, simple and black textured.

Night NASA Launch Theme

Firefox NASA Launch Theme

Space, the final frontier. Space is dark, vast and black. This theme spices up your browser with a dark background and your choice of NASA toolbar images. This is not a straight theme but an “add-on” from Firefox’s gallery. Fans of space exploration will really appreciate this theme and Add on for Firefox.

NASA Image of the Week Firefox Theme

NASA Black Theme of the Week for Firefox

Similar to the NASA launch theme, this NASA theme actually provides your browser with a new theme each week! The dark black theme remains but this Interactive theme will actually change each week with a selection from NASA’s Image of the Day. In addition, get access to the official sites for NASA, the Hubble telescope and the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum. This is a space lovers dream and a dark black theme taken to the next level. Enjoy!


Black Crayon Theme for Firefox

Black Crayon Theme

Everyone colored with crayons when they were growing up, right? Remember the feeling you had when you opened that 64 pack of Crayons to start your next work of art? Now you can bring that feeling to your browser with this Black Crayon Theme for Firefox. The dark background provides a nice contrast to many of the sites you will visit throughout the day. This is more of a “fun” black theme for Firefox. Hope you enjoy.

Black Ball Firefox Theme

Black Ball Firefox Theme

This amazing black theme is the Black Ball Firefox Theme. A repeated image of black balls across the top of your browser provides a cool look for a very dark background. This is a black theme to the next level.

Gothic Flowers Theme

Black Gothic Flowers Theme

Are you Goth? Do you love Goth and Gothic things? This black Gothic Flowers theme is for you. The Goth Subculture is alive and well with this theme dedicated to all things Goth.

Matrix Code Firefox Theme

Matrix Code Theme for Firefox

Fans of the move, The Matrix, will appreciate this dark black theme with green letters and numbers in the background. “The answer is out there, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.” In the form of the Matrix Theme.

More Black Firefox Themes

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Firefox Black themes across the web. We’ve just featured some of the best black or dark colored themes out there. If you’re looking for even more black themes for Mozilla Firefox, check out the Firefox Personas Gallery or the Add-ons Gallery. Here at Brand Thunder, we have a selection of black-inspired themes in our Theme Gallery.

Create your Own Black Themes for Firefox

Perhaps none of these themes are of interest to you or just don’t look great in your browser. Maybe the Firefox gallery doesn’t have anything you like either. That’s fine, you can create your own Black Firefox theme using our new browser theme tool. Customize your own theme and personalize your browser. Post them here after you create your black Firefox theme.

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