With brands and large communities that have used browser themes to engage their audience, there’s been a pretty straight forward style – cool graphics with the identifiers your fans associate with and integrated content to facilitate communication with the community.

Now that we’ve released BT:Engage, the world’s first DIY browser theme creator for Firefox and IE, it’s interesting to see what small and medium businesses choose when they build a theme. The following are a few browser themes create by SMBs. Take a look and see if there are ideas that you can use for your own SMB marketing efforts.

SMB Marketing


“I bleed for speed.” The Priv8teer is synonymous with a racing inspired lifestyle. They love that pit-in-your-stomach excitement you feel when you walk into the racing arena.  That’s the way they want you to feel about Priv8teer and they deliver it in all their efforts. The Priv8teer browser theme is no exception.

And it’s more than a selection of links to their brand of apparel and other racing inspired merchandise. Sure, they’ll get you to the store, but they honor the roots of the most passionate racers on the starting grid; the privateers. The Priv8teer browser theme delivers not just the essence of the track but gets you to the latest in motorsports and cycle news. It’s an excellent example of delivering a complete experience to your user base – if you know your user, you don’t have to lock them into links back to just your site.

94Fifty Sports Technologies

94Fifty helps improve the fundamental skill of any basketball player by using information to make skill development measurable. Whether an elite player or youth level, it’s a sophisticated product made accessible and cost effective. Cost effective can still offer superior service, especially when the team is discovering and exploiting free web-marketing tools like BT:Engage.

The 94Fifty browser theme is one component of the free offerings 94Fifty offers to players. The Member Login takes users directly to the free online community where they will find more than 75 ball-handling and shooting drills. It’s a great use of technology both on and off the court. And the Member Login is a great way to build a sense of belonging with your community.

SloDive Graphics & WebDesign Blog

SloDive is like a number of Brand Thunder’s clients in that it’s purely an online community. It might not be what you think of with small and medium businesses, but it’s definitely a growing segment of the SMB market.

The SloDive browser theme captures the look and feel of the community site, and helps get users to key areas for participation. When you’re dealing with a community, make sure you get them back to the interactive areas of your site. And like SloDive did, include a feed reader of your latest news. Giving your community easy access to breaking news is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

These are a few of the SMB browser themes made available with BT:Engage. Tell us about your company and browser theme in the comments below.


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