Microsoft’s Vista is one of the leading operating systems in the world. The OS followed the popular Windows XP system but included a number of upgrades and security fixes. In addition Vista included a graphical interface upgrade called “Aero”, which was intended to be cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than previous versions of Windows. As a result, many people enjoyed the graphical elements of Aero and wanted to replicate that design across their computer and of course their browser. With the increasing popularity of Mozilla’s Firefox, theme designers set out to create the look and feel of the Vista OS while catering to the Firefox audience. Even though IE is still the most popular browser (at the time of this writing), there are hundreds of thousands of Vista users looking to replicate the graphical elements of Vista on their Firefox browser.

Top Vista Themes for Firefox

Firefox Vista Theme

Vista Firefox Theme

This slick looking Firefox theme also includes 58 extensions that will boost your productivity and includes custom images made exclusively for fans of Firefox and Vista.

Vista Black Firefox Theme

This Vista inspired browser theme will help you dress up your Firefox browser. The “black” theme encompasses the top header with a beautiful blue and green graphical design in the body.

Chameleon Vista Firefox Theme

Vista Chameleon Firefox Theme

This Firefox theme made specifically to replicate the Vista look, includes a “Chameleon” inspired header with a Chameleon camouflage background.

Vista Aero Firefox Theme

Vista Aero Theme

This Vista “Aero” theme comes straight from the Firefox Add-ons gallery. This is the classic form of Vista and most resembles the popular OS.

Vista Type Skin for Firefox

Another tourquoise Vista theme from the Firefox Personas gallery. Beautiful background colors and perfect for Vista fans.

Blue Vista Theme

This is THE classic theme for Vista fans with the Microsoft logo and classic blue background. Your friends won’t even recognize you’re on a Firefox browser with this theme developed to look just like Vista.

More Vista Firefox Themes

There are literally hundreds of Vista Firefox Themes out there. We’ve highlighted some of the better ones, but if these aren’t your style, choose from a number of different Vista themes from across the web:

Firefox Personas Vista Themes
Firefox Vista Add-ons
Create Your Own Vista Theme for Firefox: Using our Firefox theme tool, you can create your own Vista theme and have it listed in our theme gallery.

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