There’s no denying, Google’s Chrome browser is on a roll. With almost 20% market share (as of this writing) in the browser market, rapid deployments of new versions and consistent upgrades, Chrome is poised to make a run at “top browser” in 2012. Having developed Chrome themes along with Firefox and IE for several years now, we have naturally seen a steady increase in the popularity of Chrome themes in our gallery. While there are thousands of Chrome themes available in their Chrome theme gallery, but sifting through the maze of theme can be overwhelming. We have chosen some of the Top Chrome Themes below, both from our gallery and the official Google Chrome gallery.

Top 10 Chrome Themes

#1 NASA Chrome Theme

Top NASA Chrome Theme

This stunning NASA theme comes in at #1 for the top Chrome theme. This is the official Chrome theme for NASA and provides beautiful space imagery from their database of space pictures. Take your mind to another galaxy with this NASA Chrome theme that includes videos and photos from NASA as well as the latest news from NASA. A must have for fans of the galaxies and outer space.

#2 Neon Lights Chrome Theme

Top Neon Chrome Theme

The Neon Lights Theme comes in at #2 on the top Chrome themes list for its swirling Neon lights imagery. Some of the top themes created each year are themes based off of simple ideas, but then woven into beautiful graphics. This is the case with this theme as the Neon lights provide a beautiful backdrop on the solid black background.

#3 Ocean Pacific Chrome Theme

Top Chrome - OP

Founded in 1972, the Ocean Pacific brand was the first company to successfully translate the surfing lifestyle into a fashion. Surf fashion became cool after Ocean Pacific released their lines of clothing dedicated to surfers and the lifestyle. This theme is consistently one of the top Chrome themes in the gallery for its vintage look and amazing use of colors on a wooden backdrop. Again, a simple idea woven beautifully to create an amazing Chrome theme.

#4 Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Top Chrome - Yann

World renown photographer, author, philanthropist and founder of non-profit organization Good Planet, Yann Arthus-Bertrand has created some amazing Chrome themes displaying fascinating imagery of our planet. This theme speaks for itself with a dazzling display of the forest below centered with a pink tree in the middle. Dress up your browser with this amazing Chrome theme from Yann Arthus-Bertrand

#5 Raindrops (non-Aero) Chrome Theme

Sometimes even the saddest of moods can be beautiful. This rain drop theme comes in at #5 on the top 10 list for its brilliant photo of a rainy day seen from the viewpoint of someone inside a home or car looking out at the street. The focus on the rain drops on the window provide an interesting viewpoint on the world outside.

#6 Top Music Chrome Theme

Top Music theme

Everyone has their favorite music and this Chrome theme not only provides a musical background of a band performing but includes quick links to your favorite web radio stations, music videos and websites to purchase your favorite music artists. This is not only a striking theme, it provides the functionality you want from a music inspired theme.

#7 Top Mindless Behavior Chrome

This is the Official Chrome theme for the popular pop group, Mindless Behavior. But you don’t have to be a fan of the band to enjoy the brilliant graphics and overall design of this theme. This theme not only provides a great background design but provides quick links to the best of the band including their website, videos, and social media accounts.

#8 Splendid Chrome Theme

Top Splended Theme

Moise Emquies was a law school graduate waiting for the results of his California bar exam when his friend invited him to pass the time by designing a t-shirt for her clothing store. Splendid is the culmination of Emquies’ tireless search to find the softest fabric and most color absorbing yarns in the world in order to create the ultimate t-shirt. This theme is a tribute to Moise Emquies and the Splendid t-shirt that was created. The theme is a beautiful image of the blue sky with clouds hovering sporadically across the sky.

#9 Top Marc Ecko Chrome Theme

Marc Ecko Chrome Theme

The Marc Ecko Chrome Theme comes in at #9 in our top Chrome Themes list. This could probably fight for the top position overall with its brilliant city graffiti imagery on the backdrop of your Chrome browser. The famous fashion designer and entrepreneur is best known for his distinctive styles and his clothing is worn throughout the world. Now you can wear his browser and liven up your Chrome background. A truly amazing Chrome theme design.

#10 Girls with Slingshots Chrome Theme

GWS Chrome Theme

Web comics have become increasingly popular in the past several years. Fans of web comics are extremely passionate about their comic and follow religiously. This Chrome theme is the official theme for the Girls with Slingshots web comic. We’ll let the comic designs speak for themselves, but fans of the comic can also access the latest news and new comics through the Girls with Slingshots news feed in this browser theme. This rounds out the top 10 Chrome themes list.

More Top Chrome Themes

This list is just a list of some of our favorite Chrome themes and ones that our fans have indicated are their choice for top themes. There are THOUSANDS more Chrome themes across the web and more added daily. Check out some more top Chrome theme listings from across the web:

What are some of your choices for Top Chrome Themes?

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