We’re often asked by fans, “What are the BEST Firefox themes in your gallery” or “Do you have a list of MOST POPULAR or TOP Firefox Themes” you can point us to? We don’t really like to play favorites with our themes, but there are some Firefox themes that stand out in terms of popularity. Over the past several years, we’ve seen some themes used more often and some that regularly are Tweeted out to fans, shared on Facebook or receive Google +1’s more than others. Here are some of the Best Firefox Themes in terms of usage and sharing from our gallery:

Best Firefox Themes

#1 Starry Night Firefox Theme

Starry Night Firefox

It’s amazing how many “nighttime” related themes are popular in our gallery. Fans seem to be infatuated with the night sky and our Starry Night Theme for Firefox seems to always make the top 10 list in terms of usage each month. Fans of space and the night sky will really enjoy this skin with imagery from the skies above.

#2 Neon Lights Firefox Theme

Neon Lights Firefox

We can’t explain why Neon Lights are consistently popular each month but we know people love this theme. Neon lights and neon signs have been lighting up our nighttime for years and now you can have it light up your Mozilla Firefox browser.

#3 Bob Marley Firefox Theme

Bob Marley Firefox

Bob Marley is probably one of the world’s most recognized musicians and one of the top International music artists of all time. It’s no surprise that his Firefox theme makes our “Best” list and is continually one of the top themes downloaded in our gallery each month. The theme is not just a beautiful design but also provides quick access to the Best of BobMarley.com including music, videos, news and more. This is a must have for music and especially Reggae music fans.

#4 Christmas Firefox Theme

Christmas Firefox

Holiday themes are popular with our fans every year and Christmas is no exception. Arguably one of the most popular holidays, the Christmas Firefox theme comes in at #4 on our “best” list. This theme not only provides beautiful winter and Christmas imagery, but theme users will get quick access to the Best “Black Friday” websites online. Spread the Christmas spirit with this stunning Christmas theme for your Firefox browser.

#5 NASA Image of the Week Firefox Theme

NASA Image of the Week

As evident by the “Starry night” theme above, fans love the final frontier and images of space. This Firefox theme takes it to the next level with the official NASA browser theme. This theme provides stunning imagery of of space with a selection from NASA’s image of the day. Your browser theme will change each week with an amazing new image from NASA’s gallery. This theme is consistently in the top 5 best themes each month. Enjoy!

#6 Weather Firefox Theme

Best Weather Firefox Theme

The #6 best theme is our Weather Browser theme. This weather theme is the only browser theme out there that actually changes with your local weather forecast. If it’s sunny outside, the theme will reflect the bright sunshine. Alternatively, if rain is in the forecast, the theme will display clouds and darker skies. This is THE theme for the weather junky or just average “Joe’s” looking to stay updated on the local weather forecast. Bring your umbrella!

#7 Looking For Group Firefox Theme

Looking for Group Firefox

Web comics are very popular right now and the Looking for Group is one of the best online comics out there. Brand Thunder worked directly with the Looking for Group to develop the official Firefox theme for the online comic and the result was an instant classic. Even non-fans of the online web comic love the imagery and background design for this skin. LFG is our choice for #7 best Firefox theme.

#8 Nature Interactive Persona & Theme

Nature Firefox

Who doesn’t love the Great Outdoors? The best theme in our gallery for Nature lovers seems to be the Nature Interactive Persona. Our fans love the beautiful photographic imagery of outdoors and the sights of nature. Theme users can even change the imagery when they want a fresh new look.

#9 Tweet Theme Firefox Theme

Tweet Theme for Firefox

Fans of social media and specifically Twitter users, will love this “Tweet Theme” designed specifically for Twitter users. This theme developed by Brand Thunder, is the only browser theme that allows you to search Twitter, read your stream and Tweet right from your Firefox browser. Simply install the theme, login to Twitter and you have quick access to all things Twitter. The handy “Tweet This” button allows you to Tweet any page you’re on instantly to your followers. The Tweet theme is #9 in our Best Firefox Themes list.

#10 Ambient Glow Firefox Theme

Ambient Glow Firefox

At the end of the day, Firefox theme fans really enjoy beautifully designed themes. No frills, no surprises, just a great design. The Ambient Glow Firefox theme is one of our best graphic themes in the gallery with a stunning array of colors from purples and blues to oranges and red. This is a true Rainbow splash of colors made specifically for your Firefox browser.

More Firefox Themes

This top 10 list is just a sampling of some of the best themes out there. We encourage you to visit our Firefox Gallery to look for  your “Top” theme. Or perhaps you’d like to create your own and add it to our gallery? Using our Firefox Theme Creator, you can create your own theme in just minutes and upload to our gallery. Perhaps one of your themes will make it to the Top 10 list in the future.

Additional Best Firefox Themes

What do you think is the “Best Firefox Theme”?


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