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Today, we’re announcing Brand Thunder’s free browser theme creator, BT:Engage. Besides some amazing technology that makes it easy for anyone to create their own interactive browser theme, there are also some compelling reasons if you have your own site or online community. Here are three recent reports that drive this point home.

1. Your message reaches your audience

Facebook posts viewed by 3 – 10% of audience – importance of the social stream

99.6% conversion from Browser Theme promotion – shows persistent placement in the browser is even more powerful

2. You drive up visits to your site

Each Facebook fan generates 20 visits a year – incremental lift of a fan

Each browser theme user does 20 visits every other month – the power of turning a fan into a super fan.

Note: The supporting case study is still reflective of browser theme performance.

3. Always engaged, regardless of web site visited

Web use declines 3%, Facebook consumption up 69% – shifting usage patterns of Internet content

A browser theme captures nearly all Internet use for computer users – when you connect in the browser, where they browse doesn’t matter.

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