When you think of browser theme designers your initial thoughts might be of a young 20-30 something or a “techie” type working arduously for the next great design. But since launching our browser theme creator tool this past July, we’re discovering that browser theme designers aren’t just for Generation X & Y or the Tech crowd. Creative minds come in all shapes, sizes and ages including our next feature with Firefox Personas designer, MaDonna, who might be one of the oldest theme designers out there at the age of 73!

MaDonna Background

MaDonna has been interested in designing since she was a young girl designing and making clothes for her dolls and later her three children. Prior to becoming one of the world’s foremost Firefox Personas designers MaDonna actually designed, made and sold clothing. This was her earliest design medium of choice.

Fast forward several years later, she became interested in personal computers but never thought she would actually own one until one of her grandson’s (yes grandson), built one specifically to meet her needs. He was in the IT department at Western Washington University and created a computer for her from scratch so that she could multi-task and keep multiple windows and files open at the same time. It was actually her grandson that installed Mozilla Firefox on her computer that started the love affair with the browser and creating designs for it.

MaDonna Firefox Persona Designs

When Mozilla Firefox first came out with the Persona designs, MaDonna was tired of the themes that were created and started developing her own using Microsoft Picture It 9 of all things. When Mozilla started accepting new designs MaDonna began to submit her own and became a Mozilla Firefox reviewer for over a year. Around the same time she became interested in photography, purchased a digital camera and started taking numerous nature photos. One of the photos she took and developed into a Persona, had over 1.5 Million users at one time! That theme was: Framed Sunset

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Framed Sunset Persona - MaDonna

Creating Firefox Personas & Themes:

I purchased Photoshop a couple years ago and am still in the learning process of using it and learn something new every day. I like making nature designs best and stay awake at nights with new ideas floating in my head. And when I sit down to make a design I usually don’t have any idea what it will actually turn out to be till I start going through my many, many files of graphics I have collected over the years. And I never know what will become popular and what won’t. One Persona design I almost didn’t even submit because I personally didn’t care for, became a hit…so you never know.

MaDonna Wallpapers

In addition to the Firefox Personas, MaDonna started creating Wallpapers out of demand from her fans. Most of the Wallpapers are nature photos that she’s taken. She really loves working with wallpapers because there is much more space to work with than with Personas. Some examples of MaDonna Wallpapers can be found here: http://my.desktopnexus.com/MaDonnas/uploads/

MaDonna Firefox Themes

MaDonna is continuing to create new Personas and Themes for Firefox and is especially excited about created new themes with Brand Thunder’s new browser theme tool, BT:Engage. About BT:Engage, MaDonna says:

I have submitted some designs over the past couple days and really like the way you do your submissions. It is much easier and quicker than Mozilla.

And Finally…

At almost 73 years old, it proves you are never to old to learn new things. I really enjoy hearing from people all over the world that like my work. And I am excited about helping BrandThunder with my designs.

Below are some of the numerous Firefox Personas and Themes that MaDonna has created over the years:

Pink Radiannce Persona - MaDonna
Autumns Light Persona - MaDonna
Winter Escape Firefox - MaDonna
Celestial Persona - MaDonna
Pink Flowers Firefox Persona - MaDonna
Waterfalls Persona - MaDonna
Spring Abstract Persona - MaDonna
Winter Persona - MaDonna


For more Firefox Personas and Themes created by MaDonna visit her Firefox Persona page or her own website at: http://madonnaspersonas.blogspot.com/.

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