Mac fanatics, we have a great list of themes to dress up your Firefox browser. If you’re running Mac OS X with Firefox, chances are you have the standard gray theme across the top of your browser. Unfortunately, some of the best themes aren’t available for the Mac version of Firefox or just don’t look as good in OS X. The good news is that there are a number of Firefox themes and Personas out there that are compatible with your Mac and many more that will help you show your enthusiasm for the brand. Here are a few of our favorite Firefox themes picked especially to make your Mac OS X browsing experience a great one:

Firefox Mac Themes

Here’s a simple theme based on the Mac OS X Leopard. This theme is compatible for Firefox..

Mac OS X Leopard for Firefox

Fans of Mac Snow Leopard will find this rich blue theme a nice addition to their Firefox browser..

Mac Snow Leopard Server for Firefox

For those looking for a nice simple Mac OS X looking theme, try the standard Gray theme based on the Mac OS X colors..

Mac OS X Gray for Firefox

Chances are you might be using Chrome as your browser of choice if you’re on a Mac. Fans of Chrome can find a Chrome inspired browser made specifically for Firefox..

Chrome Theme for Firefox

This is another simple theme based on the standard gray color on the Mac OS X, but with a twist. This theme creator added the Mozilla Firefox logo on the right hand side of the theme. Show your support for both Mac and Firefox with this theme..

Mac OS X Theme Simple – Firefox

Other Mac OS X Inspired Themes

There have been other attempts at creating Firefox Themes that look like the standard Mac OS X and give you the look and feel of Mac browsers like Safari. Sadly, many of the add-on and theme developers haven’t yet updated these to Firefox 8.  Some of these themes are compatible with older versions of Firefox like Firefox 3 and 4.

This theme is designed to fit well in the Mac OS X environment..

GrApple Crisp Add-on

If you want the Retro-Mac theme, try out this iFox add-on that resembles the Mac days of old:

Retro Mac OS X Theme

This theme is based on the original Firefox Mac OS theme…


Mac OSX Theme for Firefox

Do you have any other examples of Mac-Inspired themes for Firefox? Perhaps you would like to create your own and show the world your enthusiasm for Apple products. Create your own Mac Firefox theme using our theme creator tool and then publish to our gallery. You might be featured in an upcoming blog post!

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