There’s quite a bit to be thankful for this Thanksgiving 2011 and we wanted to celebrate the festive holiday showcasing some amazing Thanksgiving browser themes for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Many people dress up their desktops with Thanksgiving Wallpapers, but forget that they can dress up their browser with the same imagery. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving themes:

Thanksgiving 2011 Browser Theme

Thanksgiving Firefox Theme and Personas

This Thanksgiving inspired theme showcases a beautiful fall harvest with images of pumpkins, corn, the fall leaves, and a cornucopia of Thanksgiving items you might expect on the holiday. This is not just a pretty theme, this theme offers quick links to sites offering

  • Thanksgiving Recipes, Games, & Holiday History
  • The Official Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade website
  • Sites offering Black Friday deals like Amazon, eBay and Overstock
  • A video sidebar with Thanksgiving related videos

The First Thanksgiving Firefox Theme

First Thanksgiving Theme for FirefoxThis theme for Firefox shows fun imagery of the first Thanksgiving between the Indians and Pilgrims. A special Happy Thanksgiving script lines the top right of the theme and a friendly exchange between the Indian and Pilgrim children grace the background.

Thanksgiving – Eat Beef

Thanksgiving Theme Eat BeefThis humorous Thanksgiving Firefox theme displays a Turkey pleading for its life holding and “Eat Beef” picket sign. A very special Happy Thanksgiving message lines the top of the theme. Ever wonder what a Turkey eats for Thanksgiving? You’ll find out after downloading this free theme.

Thanksgiving Sunset Theme – Firefox

Thanksgiving Sunset Theme and PersonaThis beautiful Firefox theme and persona displays imagery of Thanksgiving along with an enchanting sunset. Dress up your browser with this theme featuring pumpkins, corn, wheat, apples, and berries with an amazing backdrop of the sun setting in the horizon. This is Thanksgiving in a Theme!

Thanksgiving Chrome Theme – Autumn Mill

Chrome Thanksgiving Theme

Chrome has a limited number of Thanksgiving themes in their store, but we found a picturesque image of autumn with an old mill tucked in the woods with the leaves changing next to a small waterfall.

Autumn Chrome Theme – Strolling

Autumn & Thanksgiving Theme for Chrome

This stunning autumn theme is actually a painting of a couple walking down a deserted city street. The look and feel of fall and Thanksgiving are in the air with this alluring Chrome theme. Add a touch of elegance and creativity with this Autumn theme.

Build Your Own Thanksgiving Theme?

Perhaps you are not interested in using any of these Thanksgiving themes for Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Many of our visitors love creating their own themes and distributing to their friends and families. Create your own theme using our new browser theme tool and send your friends and family a great present for the Thanksgiving holiday gathering. We’re sure they’ll be impressed. You can also visit the theme gallery for even more holiday themes.

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