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Google Chrome is the most recent entrant into the browser wars. Chrome has rapidly gained market share since its release and has already found a following amongst web surfers. Through its minimalist design, which is typical of Google products, you’ll find that the web browsing experience has become even easier. Google’s Chrome browser has the same important features as the other two major browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox, such as multiple tabs, but also features additional ease of use with Google products such as Gmail or Google Docs.

If you don’t need to be convinced that Google Chrome is the way to go when it comes to browsing the web, then you might want to show off your enjoyment of yet another great Google product by changing the background color on Chrome. This will change the background on the screen that shows your recent windows when you open Chrome and around the edges of the browser.

How to Change the Background Color

If you’re interested in changing the background color on Chrome, you can do this by clicking on the wrench icon that is to the right of the navigation bar. Once you get the drop down menu, click on “Options.” Once you’ve done that you’ll be presented with three choices, pick “personalize.” The last option on this screen will be themes, if you’ve already downloaded some Chrome themes you can use the drop down menu to choose between them.

If you haven’t downloaded any Chrome themes yet, click on the “get themes” link and you’ll be taken to a page that has all sorts of themes that you can download and add-on to your browser. Once you’ve downloaded all the themes that you want, you can go back to the options tab and pick between them.

Examples of Chrome Background Themes

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the pure number of options available to you when it comes to themes, consider the Chrome Background Themes listed below, they certainly standout from the crowd both in terms of aesthetics and function.

Philadelphia Flyers Chrome Background

This theme will keep you updated on your favorite sports team. The interactive Chrome browser theme keeps you up to date on the latest news and scores related to the Flyers. The added menu bar will take you directly to the official website where you can buy tickets or find out even more information about your team.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Chrome Background
If you’re a fan of the CAD comic and website, then you won’t want to miss each episode. The interactive menu includes links to the fan page on Facebook and Twitter. This means that you’ll be connected in many different ways to your favorite web comic.

Ohio State Chrome Background

Maybe you’re more of a loyal fan of your Alma mater. If this is the case and you happen to have attended Ohio State, then this Chrome background theme is for you. Current students will be also become fans of this fun and informative theme. You’ll find that you have easy access to the latest news on OSU college athletics.

CollegeHumor Chrome Theme

Just because you’ve probably graduated and moved on from your wild, college party days doesn’t mean that you don’t still think that those crazy times are full of humorous situations. If this is the case, you’ll want your browser to keep you in stitches. This interactive Chrome background will send you to whenever you’re in need of a little laugh.

Finding Your Chrome Background Theme

Whatever theme you ultimately decide to adopt as your very own, you’ll want to make sure that you find it both useful and an accurate reflection of your personality. By customizing your Chrome browser and adding flair to your Chrome Background, you can add another element to your web surfing experience.

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