Coupon websites are a big business online with millions of customers looking for the biggest coupons for products and services they use regularly. It seems almost every website out there has a “promo code” or “coupon” available for their offers. It makes sense, as the competition for new business is at an all-time high both offline and on. Getting the customer “in the door” is one of the hardest things for a business to do and coupons provide the ability to attract potential new lifetime customers.

The competition among coupon websites is high so companies are looking to get a leg up on the competition to provide instant access to the latest coupons and deals. Online Coupon site “Presto Savings” looked to Brand Thunder to help them create a more persistent presence with their visitors along with instant access to the latest coupons and deals delivered directly through their custom browser theme.

Brands that have used custom browser themes have regularly seen more engagement and more traffic from fans that use their browser themes over regular visitors. In fact, brands like the Huffington Post have seen 8X more visits on a regular basis from users of their theme than from regular website visitors. Presto Savings Coupon Site saw the potential and then looked to Brand Thunder to help them create this type of engagement with their fans.

Introducing the Presto Saving Coupon Theme

 Coupon Theme

Download the Theme

The Brand Thunder team worked to provide a theme that matched the look and feel of the website with the light blue background. Fans of Presto Savings love coupons and great deals, so the addition of quick links to top “Grocery Coupons” and other “Online Coupons” was added to the lower part of the theme.This provides instant access to the top deals and coupons available on the Presto Coupons website. Now fans have access to their coupons every minute they are surfing the web. Pretty powerful, huh?!

Coupon Site buttons

On the right side of the theme, a “feed” of the latest coupons was added so fans could scroll through and find the coupons that appeal to them. A quick link to their homepage is also added on the far right along with the logo of the company for branding purposes.

Again, this persistent engagement provides users with quick access to many of the coupons offered by the company, AT ALL TIMES. Unlike a Facebook fan that “might” see your Facebook wall post, a browser theme user WILL see your offer every minute they are surfing online. I’m not sure what other social media tool can provide this type of engagement other than toolbars.

Presto Savings Feed & Logo

To give you a feel for the look of what this might look like on your entire computer screen, take a look below…

Online Coupon Site theme

If you are a coupon website or an E-commerce website offering “hot deals”, coupons or related items, consider offering your users a custom branded browser theme. It has been proven to increase engagement, visits and clicks to commerce offers. You can have Brand Thunder design your custom theme, but if you’re looking for a quick and FREE way to develop your own, consider using our Browser Theme Creator tool to develop your own.

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