Brand Thunder is giving users of its BT:Engage DIY browser theme creator a place to showcase the browser themes they are creating – right on the top of the new Brand Thunder Gallery.

This is an added bonus to the redesigned browser theme gallery for anyone seeking Chrome themes, Firefox themes and IE themes.

Theme Gallery

Brand Thunder browser themes were usually found on the websites of their clients. With the increase in demand for browser themes driven by the customization available in Chrome and Firefox, Brand Thunder is giving users a destination site to find the best themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

And why not? What we’ve seen over the years is users move across themes sometimes based on mood, other times by season, sometimes just for a change. Personalization is so easy with Brand Thunder. Whether you want a theme from the Buffalo Bills, Greyson Chance or something for the latest holiday, you’ll find something to enjoy. And once you’ve installed more than one theme, you can cycle through the convenient theme selector to choose the theme you want at that precise moment.

User Generated Themes

When Brand Thunder released BT:Engage, we offered a Share page giving the URL and quick access to sharing across Facebook, Twitter and more. Well, we’ve finally remedied one of the omissions – BT:Engage users can now publish their themes to the Brand Thunder Gallery.

It’s a simple as clicking the Publish to Gallery button. Once you do, it’s immediately pushed to the Gallery. Unless you publish to the gallery, the themes are kept private and only viewable by users with whom you share the URL for the download page.

Free Publicity

Who doesn’t like a little free publicity? With placement on our Gallery, it’s additional exposure for the theme and the designer behind them. We’re also using the Gallery homepage to feature some of the best themes we find. It’s our way of showcasing the amazing browser themes being generated from the community of Brand Thunder clients, designers and users.

Explore the Brand Thunder Gallery yourself to see the full range of styles your browser can enjoy. If you don’t see what you want, create your own at BT:Engage.





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