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Each month, Brand Thunder releases a number of new Firefox themes and skins for fans of the popular Mozilla web browser. With each new release, we are responding to the demands of our fans and the types of themes they would like to see. It’s an exciting endeavor and certainly rewarding to create new themes for our fans knowing that they will enjoy some of our new creations.

This month, we wanted to highlight some of our newest Firefox themes including one dedicated to everyone’s favorite Pop Star, Justin Bieber. If you are looking to change your Firefox theme, this is an excellent time to do so. Without further ado, here are some of our newest Mozilla Firefox themes developed by Brand Thunder:

Pop Star Justin Browser Theme

The browser skin created for fans of Justin Bieber, this browser theme shows everyone you are a true fan of the Pop superstar. Features include:

  • A beautiful Bieber inspired design
  • A video sidebar
  • A news sidebar

Download the Pop Star Justin Browser Theme

Coach Tressel Browser Theme

This is the official browser theme for Ohio State Buckeye and Coach Jim Tressel fans. If you bleed Scarlet and Grey, this is a must-have Firefox skin for you. Show your support for the Buckeyes and Jim Tressel with this new Firefox theme that features:

  • Three themes celebrating Coach Tressel and the Buckeyes
  • Breaking Jim Tressel news right in the sidebar
  • A video sidebar highlighting the latest updates from Coach Tressel and Ohio State Footbal.
  • A script Ohio background for fans of the Best Damn Band in the Land

Download the Coach Tressel Browser Theme

Tron-Grid Browser Theme

Fans of Disney’s “Tron” will love this new browser skin. Imagine being born inside the digital domain of the Grid and into the virtual world. This imagination is what inspired this captivating neon-influenced design. Features of the new Tron-Grid Browser Theme include:

  • A Tron-Grid inspired design and feel
  • Quick access to social media sites like Facebook & Twitter
  • A video sidebar for top news features

Download the Tron-Grid Browser Theme

Additional New and Updated Firefox Themes & Skins

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