As a result of our Firefox & IE browser theme tool BT:Engage, we have seen an influx of some amazing new Firefox and Explorer themes grace our Gallery. Having developed Firefox, IE and Chrome themes for the past several years, we are really impressed with the talent of theme designers and the resulting themes that have been developed. From Sports stars, to celebrities, video games, and spectacular designs, we now have a host of new browser themes created by our fans. Here are some of the “new theme” highlights:

New Toy Story Theme

Toy Story Firefox Theme

Fans of the hit movie “Toy Story”, will love this new theme paying tribute to the Disney Pixar movie. Find Woody and Buzz Light year in this theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

ADB48 Theme

New ADB48

ADB48 is the the hottest thing to hit Japan in quite some time. Japan’s female idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto is one of the most popular groups in Japan at this time. A fan of the group created this amazing new theme for fans of the band.

New Forest Light Theme

Forest Light Theme

This is a spectacular new theme developed by theme designer “MaDonna”. The Forest Light theme provides a stunning image of the night forest with the evening sunlight shining through the trees.

Reggae Lion Theme

New Reggae Lion Theme

One of our most popular themes is the “Bob Marley browser theme“, and it’s no surprise that one of our users submitted this new “Reggae Lion” theme. Using the standard Reggae colors: red, yellow and green along with a black background and Lion this user created a beautiful theme for fans of Reggae.

New Colors Theme

New Colors Theme

A beautiful “colors theme” created by one of our users features a theme with colors straight from the 1970’s along with some vintage sunglasses. Get ready for the Disco with this colorful theme.

Psychedelic Lava Lamp Theme

Lava Lamp Firefox Theme

It seems the 60’s and 70’s are popular with some of our theme designers and this Lava Lamp theme is no different. The popular accessory is highlighted in this stunning theme with Lava lamp bubbles and a green background. Groovy!

Tim Tebow Theme

Tim Tebow Theme

Since graduating Florida and joining the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow has been one of the most recognizable sports figures of the past year. This browser theme pays tribute to the Quarterback with the patented “Tebowing” stance!

New Snoop Dogg Theme

Snoop Dogg Theme

One of our user-submitted themes pays tribute to one of the most popular rappers of all-time, Snoop Doggy Dogg. Two different images of Snoop grace the top of the browser with a big “Snoop Dogg” script on the top right hand side of the Firefox and IE theme.

PS3 Theme – PlayStation

PS3 Browser Theme

Video games are huge and PS3 is one of the hottest video games of the year. This user-submitted theme gives real fans of the video game system a chance to show their love for the game.

New Graffiti Theme

Graffiti Browser Theme

One of our users submitted this stunning Graffiti-inspired theme for Firefox and IE. Get the feel of the city streets on your browser with this Graffiti theme.

Christmas Ornament Theme

Christmas Firefox Theme

We recently held a contest for the “Best Holiday Theme” where the winner received a free iPad. Fans voted for the best Holiday theme and the Christmast Ornament Theme was the winner by a narrow margin. This theme is a great addition for fans of Christmas or just dressing up your browser for the Holidays.

Additional New Themes – Firefox & IE

Above are just a sampling of some of the new Firefox and Internet Explorer themes that have been created by our fans and users using our theme creator tool. Each day browser theme fans are creating new themes that our added to our gallery. Keep checking back for more new themes every day and consider creating your own. Here are some additional new themes for both Firefox and Internet Explorer:

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