Showman Alice Cooper on tour with Deep Purple ...
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The Brand Thunder gallery for browser themes,, has some stylish new looks for your browser. These selections are for Firefox only, so if you’re on IE and want your own – get over to our Facebook page and let us hear from you!

  • It’s only a game. Or is it? Keep asking yourself when you run the TRON-Grid browser theme. It’s not the Master Control Program. Right?
  • Ice Hockey browser theme is a great choice for NHL fans who don’t want to commit to a backing a team as the Stanley Cup Playoffs approach.
  • We missed the deadline for submitting nominations for the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, but we’re starting write-in campaign for next year and our Rock ‘n Roll browser theme.
  • Or maybe you prefer your music and browser a little darker, if so try the Death Metal browser theme. And once it’s installed, sit back and listen to this interview with the father of the darker side of Rock, Alice Cooper.

Get ’em while they’re fresh and before we get you excited about the next cool browser themes.

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