Congratulations to the Manga Fox team for delivering a showcase example of how the BT:Engage browser theme creator builds engagement with its online community.

Presenting the Manga Fox browser themes – three different looks to satisfy most any comic fan and capture the visual dynamism of manga artists. These simple add-ons to Firefox and Internet Explorer bring a new level of excitement to your online experience. They’re free and easy to install. Click any of the images below to go to the download page.

Manga Fox Browser Theme

Bold styling for the Manga Fox browser theme. Deep, rich colors accented with explosive imagery.

Manga Fox Browser Theme

Manga Naruto Theme & Shojo Manga Comic Style

Maybe you want a manga theme that’s a little more Ninja. Enter the Naruto theme.

Manga Fox Naruto Browser Theme

But since manga fans span the all ages and types, there’s a third theme that captures the shojo manga spirit of female manga artists and fans.

Manga Fox Browser ThemeManga Online Directory

Manga Fox is renowned for the largest collection of all the popular manga scans and scanlations. The browser theme helps you dive into your favorites. Whether you’re a fan of Naruto or Bleach, Shonen or Shoujo, manga or manhwa, the Manga Fox browser themes have you covered.

You’ll have direct access to the full manga comic online directory, Manga Fox’s anime games, forum link for easy engagement wtih the close-knit manga community where you can chat and make friends. The bookmarks button helps save your place for all registered Manga Fox readers. Plus, the feed reader of the latest chapters will make sure you never miss out on the latest edition.

Make Your Own Manga Comic Theme

Regardless of how great the visuals of these themes or the value of the integrated links and news feed, these Manga Fox browser themes may not offer the look that you want.

If not, take your own manga comic images and head to to build your own browser theme. In less than five minutes, you have a custom and personal browser theme for Firefox or Internet Explorer. Upload your images, drag and drop them into the theme background and you’re on your way. Include widgets like toolbar buttons or a news feed for a truly interactive experience.

Have themes you want to share? Show us the link! Or better yet, look for the new BT:Engage feature that allows you to publish your themes directly to the Brand Thunder Gallery and share them with the world!

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