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Internet Explorer is one of the oldest web browsers that is still widely used today.  Because it’s been around for over a decade and continues to hold a large share of the market, you can see why it has its loyal fan base.  Microsoft has also made it easy to enjoy Internet Explorer by integrating it with the windows operating system.

Internet Explorer Wallpaper

If you’re one of the millions of Internet Explorer enthusiasts, you have many ways to show that you’re a fan.  There are bumper sticks, apparel, desk paraphernalia, and desktop backgrounds.  One of the best (and cheapest!) ways to show your love of Internet Explorer is to download an Internet Explorer wallpaper and make it your desktop background.  This will ensure that every time you’re looking at your computer screen you’ll be reminded of one of your favorite products.

Samples of Internet Explorer Wallpaper

The various themes available can show different stylized versions of the Internet Explorer logo and identity.  The industrialized setting for the blue “E” theme emphasizes the power and mechanics behind Internet Explorer.  This is a sleek and modern wallpaper to show off your IE browser love.

If you’re looking to be a member of a club, you can join the IE fan club.  This red Internet Explorer wallpaper is a great example of an exciting red IE wallpaper, which will wake you up each time you look at the screen with its bright colors.

Sometimes you want a dark background for your desktop that makes it easy to find your icons while still showing off what an IE fan you are.  This Internet Explorer wallpaper accomplishes both of those goals.  Here the Internet Explorer icon is flaming hot and ready for your computer.

This is just a sampling of the many wallpaper themes you can find for Windows, but if you’re an IE fan there’s more than one way to skin your computer screen.

Internet Explorer Wallpaper Fans Love Custom IE Browser Themes

We’ve already established that you love Internet Explorer and can’t imagine switching to one of those other browsers.  But have you considered taking it to the next level and changing the look of your browser?  Maybe you’ve already changed the menus and buttons to suit your needs, but did you know that you could change how your browser looks?  Internet Explorer Wallpaper fans have started to develop an interest in IE browser themes.

If you enjoy Internet Explorer Wallpapers, there are many options spanning a wide variety of interests with regard to Internet Explorer browser themes.  You are sure to find one that fits your unique personality, all the while keeping your beloved browsing functions the same.

Taking the IE Browser Theme to the Next Level

Now we’ve established that you’re a fan of IE and are willing to customize your experience, but have you considered interactive Internet Explorer themes?  Interactive IE Themes provide access to Facebook and Twitter, news stories, videos and more, right from your browser.

Brand Thunder is a leader in the interactive browser theme market and specializes in Internet Explorer Themes.  Enjoy the large portfolio of Internet Explorer themes in the IE theme gallery.

There is a wide selection of interactive themes based on your favorite sports teams or one of your many hobbies.  Brand Thunder has also designed several themes with college athletic fans in mind offering official themes for numerous colleges and universities including Duke and Stanford.  Many of these are available free on the website

There are so many ways to show that you’re a loyal Internet Explorer user from Internet Explorer Wallpapers and desktop themes, but one of the best ways to show that you’re a loyal fan is to customize your browser with an interactive theme that really makes it your own.  Try one of the many available custom interactive themes and take your Internet Explorer web browsing to the next level.

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