You’ve got to share to win. If no one knows about your browser theme, no one’s going to use it. But, we’ve not given you a lot of tools to work with – what should you do? I’ll offer a few thoughts and ideas about that.

And, just so you know, when I write these – they are also used on the product side of what to fix so these How Tos become unnecessary.

Share the URL:

First, find the Public URL to share with your audience.


Once you click Finish in the theme creator, you are immediately taken to a Preview of the Download Page. Do not grab the URL in the browser’s address bar, this is for your personal and authenticated account – no one else can get to it. You need the URL in the box next to Sharing Your Theme. This is the public URL for your download page.

Share Everywhere:

First, make sure you start with the usual suspects. Facebook, Twitter and whatever social networks your community frequents. It’s easy enough to share the URL to these services and your friends and followers that find you there. Just Copy and Paste the link, write a brief description of your awesome theme and Share.

Building Banners:

This is an area we will automate, but for now you’ll need to create your own banners to promote your browser theme. If you have your own blog or web site, you know the available inventory that you can utilize on your site. If you need some ideas, check out Brand Thunder’s own Affiliate Program. If you register (which gives you a chance to earn points and prizes), you’ll land in an area which allows you to easily create banners in a range of sizes.

The thing to pay attention to is the styling and the messaging in the ads. Borrow those and create your own. If you don’t have your own graphics software, I find myself using the open source GIMP for much of my work. In the future, we’ll give you your own banner ad generator like we have in our Affiliate Program.

Help Yourself:

Facebook-LikeMake sure you do little things like Like your own theme, and add it to Google+. The little Facebook widget shown pulls images into the Download Page of others who like the theme. This helps visitors see those who also like the theme, builds a level of trust and a sense of belonging.

And happy, smiley people are always a plus to efforts like these. Especially when they’re the faces of your own community.

More to Come:

You’ve heard me say this product is in its early stages and there’s lots more to come. It’s true. Right now, it’s a bare bones product. Which means, until we can simplify, automate and deliver everything you need – the pieces are there if you’re willing to take on some of the work yourself. Sorry to put that burden on you for now, but we’ll remedy it in the future.

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