Installing Firefox themes are an easy task for anyone to take on and shouldn’t feel overwhelming. The good people at Mozilla make it easy for anyone to install their own theme with a few simple steps. But first a quick overview of what “Themes” are in case you are confused.

A Firefox Theme is simply a skin that is designed to change the look and feel of your Firefox browser. The default theme for Firefox is a gray background:

Default Firefox Theme

If you install a theme for Firefox, your browser may change to look something like this:

Twitter Theme for Firefox

Installing Your Own Firefox Theme:

1. Go to your favorite Firefox Theme Gallery and Choose a Theme. Firefox has an extensive gallery as well. For this example, we are going to choose the Ambient Glow theme.

2. Click the “Download” button for Firefox

Install Firefox Theme Button

or the “Wear this Persona” button if you are in the Firefox Persona Gallery…

Wear Personas Button Firefox

3. You must now “Allow” Firefox to install the theme by clicking “Allow”

Allow Installation of Firefox Button

4. Firefox will now ask you to Restart your browser. Go ahead and click “allow” on this so that Firefox can install the theme now on your browser:

Restart Firefox Browser for installation

5. After Firefox restarts, you will have a brand new beautiful theme for your browser.

Now that you know how to install a Firefox theme, you can find your favorite designs in any of the Firefox Theme galleries or perhaps you would like to create your own Firefox theme?

Where to Find Firefox Themes:

How to Install a Firefox Theme from Your Browser

Let’s say that you already have Firefox installed and you’d prefer to install a theme directly from your browser instead of visiting a Firefox Theme gallery. You can install a new Firefox Theme with these simple steps:

1. On the Firefox Menu Bar, click “Tools” and then “Add-ons”

2. Next, select “Get Add-ons”

3. You can then look under “Featured Personas” for a design that suits your needs

4. Or you can simply do a quick search in the upper right search bar for “Themes”.

5. Click the “Install” button next to any theme that supports it.

6. Allow Firefox to download the requested theme.

7. Click “Restart Now” and you’ll have a brand new Firefox theme installed on your browser!

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