Creating your own Firefox Themes used to be a somewhat daunting task for the average user. The days of slicing and dicing multiple images, logos and other graphics to fit into the browser header as well as accounting for multiple screen sizes were a challenge to Firefox theme makers. Further, an average non-designer who wanted to create a Firefox theme had to have specific design software and the design skills necessary to make a theme look great. These considerations are just for the “design” aspect of Firefox themes. If you wanted to create an “Interactive” theme, this required advanced technical knowledge that most designers or average theme creators did not have. Interactive elements include:

  • RSS Feeds
  • Links to Websites or Blogs
  • E-commerce links
  • Social Media Links
  • Videos, Sidebars and more.

Having created browser themes for the past 4+ years, Brand Thunder saw the need for a simple intuitive tool to help average users, bloggers, marketers and designers make their own Firefox themes. The result is the latest theme creator tool: We’ll show you how to create your own Firefox Theme in 5 minutes:

Create Your Own Firefox Themes

Step One: Visit and create an account. You’ll need to decide what theme you’ll want to create. For this example, we’ll choose the graphics and web design blog.

Step Two: Click “Create a new Theme” and then make sure to name your theme. Obviously, we’ll call this the SloDive theme.

Step Three: Select the browser you are going to design this for. We’re going to use “Firefox” but our tool also lets you design for Internet Explorer users.

Step Four: Choose your background color. In this example we’ll choose black but you can choose the CMYK value of a color in your website or logo’s palette.

Firefox Theme BackgroundStep Five: Add a Logo and Background Image

First you’ll want to click on the “My Images” tab in the assets section at the bottom of the page. Next you’ll need to upload the logo you’re using from your computer. We simply went to the SloDive website, right clicked the logo, saved it, and uploaded the logo. Once your logo image appears in the assets area, click on it and drag it over top of the theme you’re creating. When you release the mouse button the image will be loaded and placed automatically. Adjust image size according to your personal taste, but be sure to click the “lock aspect ratio” check box in your properties window to keep the formatting of the logo while it is scaled.

You can also add a “Background Image” to your theme in this step. Simply navigate to “My Images” and choose “Upload Background”. This will allow you to upload an image that you designed to be featured as your background image.

Upload Background Image for Firefox

Here’s an example of an amazing background image that was uploaded using the Firefox Theme creator:

Christmas Firefox Skin

Step Six: Enter your URL (if you have a website)

You can enter your URL along with your logo so that when someone clicks on your logo they are directed right to your homepage.  This is especially important for bloggers or corporate websites so users of your Firefox theme can access your site at anytime. Of course in this instance, we will enter the url:

Enter URLStep Seven: Choose Widgets

Widgets are interactive elements that you can add to your Firefox Theme to encourage engagement with your theme users. For example, if you have a blog, you can add your RSS feed and links to your blog homepage and social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Since has a blog, we’re going to drag the RSS widget up and paste the RSS link into the properties window.  Be sure to click “validate” and then “save.” We also added some links to the social media accounts, the homepage and the other sections of the site for quick access. Simply click the “Widgets” tab and then drag a toolbar button or RSS feed into your browser theme. You’ll be prompted to name them and add a link to wherever you desire.

Widgets Tools for Firefox Themes

Step Eight: Finish and Install your new Firefox Theme

Once you’ve designed and created your Firefox theme to your specifications, it’s just a click on the “Finish” button and your theme will automatically be created for both Firefox and Internet Explorer. You’ll then have the choice to share it with friends and publish it to our gallery for anyone to see.

Here’s what our final product looked like:

SloDive Mozilla Firefox Theme

This theme was created in about 5 minutes with the help of our Firefox Theme tool. As you can see, there is a browser design matching the branding of the website, along with a RSS feed and quick links to the blogger’s homepage, social media accounts, and top sections of the blog. So give it a shot and make your very own Firefox theme. Who knows, your theme might be the most popular Firefox theme in our gallery someday.

Quick Video on Making a Firefox Theme

If you need a bit more assistance, you can watch this quick 2 minute video on how to create a Firefox theme:

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