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If you’ve recently changed your browser to Mozilla Firefox, you may not quite like the way the browser looks even though you’ve decided you like the functionality of it.  If this is the case, then you’ll find that you can easily customize the look of your browser with Mozilla Firefox themes.

What are Firefox Themes?

Themes are overlays that change the look and feel of your browser without affecting the functionality of the program.  For example, the colors of the buttons might change, but the buttons will work just like they did before.  The same basic functions will be in roughly the same places regardless of the Firefox theme you choose.  This means that the browser will still have the refresh button, navigation bar, etc.  Themes are like a facelift for the browser; they don’t change the personality of the browser, just how it looks.

If you’re interested in changing your Firefox theme, the first step is to download some themes from the Internet.  You can find themes on the official Mozilla website or from the Firefox Theme Gallery from Brand Thunder.

How to Change Your Firefox Skin

Now that you’ve decided to change the look of your browser, you need to pick which theme or skin you want to download.  This means that it’s time for a little soul searching.  You need to decide what theme you want to be confronted with every time you open your web browser.  But keep in mind that picking a web browser theme is not a lifetime commitment; you can always download a different theme if you change your mind and pick a different them or go back to the classic Mozilla Firefox theme at any time.

Follow these simple steps for changing your Firefox theme:

Open up Firefox and go to your tools menu.  In the drop down menu that opens, pick “add-ons.”  Once you’re in that window, pick “themes.”  Your theme will not immediately appear.  You’ll need to close down all your open browser windows and then restart the program.

How to Pick Your Firefox Theme

Some themes really show of your personality or your interests.  Others are fun, but generic.  You’ll need to decide what sort of theme you really want.  Any theme designed specifically for your Mozilla Firefox browser will fit seamlessly into your browser and you’ll be up and running again in no time, just looking better while you’re doing it.

Interactive Firefox Themes

The latest trend in browser is to have a browser theme that is interactive.  In these themes, you’ll find that the browser theme provides not only form, but also added function.  These themes often include specialized menu bars that take you to the content related to your chose them.  For example, if you’re interested in astronomy, there are themes that not only show you pictures of stars and show you the galaxy while you browse, but they’ll also contain links to astronomy websites and fan pages on Facebook.

Other themes change the picture automatically.  NASA has a theme that will update the look of your browser with a new picture from outer space each week without you having to make any change to your browser theme.  This type of interactive theme is great if you often want to update the look of your browser without spending the time to search out a new theme.

Changing your Mozilla Firefox skin is a great way to update your browsing experience and add a little fun and personality to the program that computer users access the most – your browser.

Find more Firefox Themes or download Firefox.

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