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Changing your Google Chrome Theme is very simple. Just a few steps and you’re on your way to updating the look and feel of your Chrome browser or perhaps just resetting it back to the default. Follow these simple steps for changing from your current Chrome theme to another custom Chrome theme.

1:  Go to Chrome Web Store: or choose from some of our Chrome Themes:
2: Select the theme you like by just clicking thumbnail of that theme, see the picture below and click the thumbnail like this from the store.


3: Now you can see the Theme page in Chrome Web Store like the picture below:


4: Now just click Install button and you done, you can see theme will download automatically and will install in your browser.

How to Update Chrome Default Chrome Theme

1: First of all click the Wrench icon in the Top-Right corner or the browser.


2: Go to the “Preferences”
3: Go the “Personal Stuffs”
4: Find the Themes section and click the “Reset to default theme” button and you done.

Why Change Your Chrome Browser Theme?

Why would anyone ever want to change their Google Chrome Theme? Let’s face it having the same browser theme for a long period of time can get a bit boring after a while. Perhaps you are sick of looking at what used to be your favorite brand, and as a result you are less interactive with your browser. Maybe your default is a bit dull. Chrome Themes can bring a bit of spice to your life instead of using the same old dull browser theme you have been using as the default.


Some Chrome themes provide interactivity with your favorite brands. For example if you are a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, the Cleveland Cavs Chrome browser theme allows you to view news updates, search for tickets, connect with the Cavs social media accounts, and search right from your browser.  As a fan of the Cavs, this is much more enjoyable than just a standard blank Chrome theme. Whatever you’re reason for changing, we hope these tips for updating your Chrome theme have helped.

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4 responses to “How to Change Your Google Chrome Theme

  1. how do i change to the theme i previously had(not the default)?? ex: i currently have a car theme. previously i had a anime theme!! now if i want to go back to the anime theme what should i do???

    1. You should install a Brand Thunder browser theme whenever possible, like our Chrome browser themes. ;-)

      Seriously though, if it’s in Chrome, click the wrench icon which will open all Tools menu. Then click Preferences, followed by the Personal Stuff tab on the left. At the bottom of that page, you’ll see the options to reset the theme or Get Themes. Chrome doesn’t let you switch between themes like Firefox, but it’s easy enough to remove one and install another.

      If you need more detailed help, you can always talk to the Brand Thunder team at

    1. Look in the Chrome toolbar area for an icon that looks like a wrench or a stack of three lines. Clicking that will give you a full menu of options and you should see Settings toward the bottom of that list.

      Hope this helps!

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