If you’re like most people chances are you feel pretty strongly about which web browser you use.  If you doubt it, examine the feeling you get when you use another computer and you are forced to use a browser other than the one you are used to.  It’s bizarre!  More specifically it’s bizarre how such a strong preference like that can sneak up on you, but not too bizarre if you really think about it.

Most likely you use your web browser 5-8 hours a day. So the fact that you have strong preferences about something that you use and stare at for so long every day is not really that surprising at all.  So of course it’s no stretch to say that some users (maybe you) are such big fans of their web browser that they like to show their support by “branding” their desktop wallpaper.

Google Chrome Wallpaper

If Google Chrome is your browser of choice then this post is for you.  Google Chrome hasn’t been around nearly as long as say Internet Explorer or Firefox, but its faithful users are die hard and fans of it’s minimal flair and blazing speeds.  The wallpapers for Chrome below (or at least the first two) try to embody that same Chrome feel with their minimalistic design.

Chrome Wallpaper Examples

Google Chrome Logo Wallpaper Widescreen

Google Chrome Wallpapers

This wallpaper takes full advantage of the colorful Google Chrome logo by placing it enlarged and with beautiful fluid highlights on a crisp white backdrop.  No one will mistake your loyalties with this Chrome wallpaper adorning your desktop.

Chrome logo wallpaper with black background

Chrome Wallpaper - Black

Maybe you’re after something darker?  This chrome wallpaper maintains a central focal point centered around the chrome logo, same as the one above, but instead of crisp white the backdrop is a deep black.  Additionally the word “Chrome” is emblazoned above the logo in (quite fittingly) a chrome to black gradient.

Google Chrome Anime Style Wallpaper

Anime Chrome Wallpaper

Of course, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of options out there – like this anime wallpaper shown above.  It’s got a cuter appearance and just like a true Google Chrome fan shows a lot of love for it’s browser.

Customize Google Chrome with Wallpapers for Your Browser

When you’re done customizing your Google desktop wallpaper, try taking another look at your browser.  We’ve already mentioned how long you have to look at it almost every day, so why would you want to look at a plain grey or blue all the time?  Fortunately you don’t have to because there are Chrome Themes for your browser!

Chuhuly Wallpaper Theme

Bieber Wallpaper Theme
Bieber Theme

Google Chrome themes are a great way to mix up the visual aesthetic of your favorite browser.  Simply put, a theme is just an overlay that fits over top of Chrome to change its look, feel, and sometimes its functionality.  You can check out the Google Chrome Web Store for lots of great options and examples.

Examples of Interactive Chrome Themes

Brand Thunder has taken a step further and developed a growing gallery of interactive themes that not only change the look and feel of your browser but also enhance the functionality of your browser.  Our gallery ranges from sports, to entertainment, to news and more.  Examples of Chrome Themes below…

GWS Google Chrome

Chrome College Humor Theme

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