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If there’s anything that Google does really well, it’s release new products fast and iterate often. That’s what they’ve done with Chrome, their web browser, since it’s release in 2008. Currently in it’s 18th major version it’s captured “22.14% worldwide usage share of web browsers, according to StatCounter.” This makes it one of the world’s three most used browsers – the others being Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Some of the features that have made Google Chrome a favorite include its lightning speed, optimization of screen real estate, useful extensions, web applications, and the main topic of this particular post – custom themes/skins.

Chrome Themes Gallery

Google Chrome themes (along with extensions and web apps) can be found in the Google Chrome Web Store; specifically the Chrome Themes Gallery. Granted, browser themes are not as popular as extensions or applications, but some companies and brands are finding ways to use browser themes/skins to drive traffic to their sites and keep fans and followers engaged. This, plus the simple pleasure of perking up your screen with some new graphics, has contributed to the growth of the Chrome Themes Gallery; which started with just 29 themes but now has well over 3,000.

Below you’ll find a brief round-up of some of our favorite Chrome themes and what makes them unique and/or useful. If you have a particular theme that you like and want us to know about, link to it in the comments or hit us up on twitter. You can also view our Google Chrome Theme Gallery to view our latest efforts.


1. Justin Bieber Chrome Theme

As the theme description says, Bieber got his start online by posting videos of himself on youtube. Now, it looks like his marketing team is continuing in the spirit of his brand by engaging his fans in unique ways via this browser theme.

2. Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Sometimes you just can’t get enough of something. For instance, if you’ve read all seven books, watched all eight movies, and still, that’s not enough Harry Potter – then you’re in luck. Here’s a very nicely designed theme featuring Harry, Hermione, and Ron from the movie Harry Potter 7 pt. 2.

3. Tom Sachs

Customizing your browser allows you to keep the things and people who inspire you in the fore-front of your mind. Take this theme for instance. Tom Sachs is a NYC based artist whose work has inspired a world-wide audience. If you find his art compelling why not include it in your every day life?

4. College Humor

As the official theme for there are a few special features that make this chrome theme unique. Besides having a sleek design that’s true to the CH branding, it has quick links to the CH social sites, a news ticker of CH stories/news, and a side bar full of CH goodness.

5. Cork Board

This simple theme has a lot of “pop” when a new window is opened, giving your most visited sites the appearance of images that have been tacked to a cork board. A fun aesthetic and pleasant change from the standard grey.

6. The Great Grass Sea Theme

The Great Grass Sea Theme reminds us that strange and beautiful things are possible through our web browsers. This gorgeous artistic theme is sure to spark your imagination and stimulate your mind.

7. Inventive Theme

The web has many purposes. One of those purposes is the act of creation. This chrome theme titled, Inventive Theme reminds us of the potential we have when using the web to create and innovate.

8. Pencil Sketch

At times, the polished look of most web apps can seem very formal and impersonal. This theme has an imperfect “rough around the edges” sort of look going that adds a more familiar or human touch to your browser’s appearance.

9. Google Chrome Theme (black)

A simple change of color can make a big difference. If you like the standard chrome design but just want to change it up slightly, this sleek black design might be just what you’re looking for.

10. Clouds

Sitting in front of your computer screen all day can result in forgetting to look outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. This breathtaking Chrome theme titled Clouds allows us to keep some semblance of balance between technology and nature in our life.

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