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We should have known how popular BT:Engage would be with the gamer community based on our official browser themes for IGN and Major League Gaming.

Especially for Gamers

The IGN and MLG browser themes are among our most popular, and just like many of our browser themes from our professional clients – they’re available for Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Launching our DIY browser theme creator, BT:Engage, we’re starting to see the range of offerings from game fans and the supporting community. Here’s a quick look at what some of the game forums and fans of a game are building for their browser themes.

Game Forum Browser Themes

GoW Nation

Gears of War sold over 5 million copies and currently stands as the 5th best selling XBOX 360 game of all time. So, why shouldn’t it have it’s own browser theme? It does. It’s sleek, dark and gets you quickly to the best of GearsNation. Check out the GoW Nation browser theme.

Halo 3 Clan – Dropshock Brigade

If I’m spilling military secrets here, I think my posting days may be limited. The Brigade might claim to be the best trained, best equipped, and craziest outfit in the collection of colonies called the UNSC. I can attest that the DSB browser theme is the only theme that’ll take you “Feet First Into Hell!”

Game Dragoon

Game Dragoon is a place for all kinds of gamers to come and have a banter and relax. It’s a growing community and is sparking engagement across different games and genres. If you like to help create the personality of a site, it’d be a good place to frequent and the Game Dragoon browser theme is the point of entry to your participation.

Browser Theme for a Game

Aleris RPG

Aleris RPG, a Medieval fantasy-themed RPG, explores the ancient line of Kings who ruled the land of Aleris and the great sacrifice through which the Kings obtained their immortality. The Aleris RPG browser theme is optimized for Internet Explorer. So, while you may encounter a dragon in this realm, you won’t likely find a Firefox.

How are you using browser themes to meet the needs of your community? Let us know in the comments.




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