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There are several ways that you can customize the look of your browser when you’re using Mozilla Firefox to browse the web.  There are different levels of personalization, which include both Firefox Personas and Firefox Themes.  The changes that you’d like to make to the look of your browser will determine which type of adjustment you’ll want to make.

What is a Firefox Theme?

Firefox themes change the complete the look of the browser.  You can change the background images, buttons and navigation bar.  Installing a theme is like performing a complete overhaul of the look of the browser; almost every element can be customized to fit the look of the theme.  To install a new theme you are required to perform the download, activate the theme and then restart your browser.

What is a Firefox Persona?

Think of a Firefox Persona as a “lite” version of a Firefox theme.  In a persona, not all the elements will be customized.  The buttons remain the same and in the majority of personas only the background image will change when it is activated.  This means the theme is not an all-encompassing facelift.  Despite this, it can change the overall look of the browser.

The other benefit of the Firefox Persona is that it doesn’t require restarting the browser in order to be activated.  This means that if you’re in the middle of a browsing session that involves several windows and tabs and you don’t want to shut them all down, you can still change the look of your browser.

Which is Better Firefox Themes or Firefox Personas?

This depends on your personal preferences.  If you need every part of your browser to match and be integrated into the look of your browser, then you’ll certainly want to go with a complete theme.  However, if you just want to change the look a little bit and maybe adjust the colors, then you’ll probably be fine with just a Persona.

Both themes and personas can be found free on the Mozilla Firefox website or directly on http://brandthunder.com.  Because there is no investment other than your time and a little bit of your hard drive space, you can update your theme or persona as often as you’d like.

Why Change the Look of Your Browser at All?

More and more of our time is being spent on the Internet, which we all access through web browsers.  Just as most people tend to change the background of their desktop on a somewhat regular basis, browsers should be updated as well.

Perhaps you’re not overly concerned with the look of your browser window because you’re so focused on the content.  If this is you, then you might want to consider an interactive browser theme.  The themes add additional functionality to the web browser.

For example, a sports team with a custom, interactive theme can not only post updates about recent scores, they could change the background picture to one which shows them winning a championship game immediately after they’ve won.  Now the browser is part of the fan experience.  Firefox personas, because of their simpler nature, does not allow for this sort of interactive content.   An example would be the Miami Heat browser theme.

If you’ve decided that your browser is in need of a style update, then you’ll have to decide whether a persona or a theme fits your needs the best.  If you make the decision to update your theme, then you’ll have to decide between a static theme and an interactive theme.  If you’ve decided you need a simpler update, you should consider a Firefox persona, which gives you the added benefit of the simplicity of implementation.

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