Typically wallpapers are used for desktop backgrounds. However, it’s not often that you’re sitting at your computer simply staring at the desktop wallpaper without doing anything else. More often than not, you’re probably surfing the web or budgeting your finances in Excel (yeah right!). Whether you use Mozilla’s Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome – chances are you’re staring at your browser window for hours every day. Over time, that standard grey or blue window can become a bit boring…even depressing. However, much like re-arranging the furniture in a room or throwing a coat of paint on an accent wall, a little cosmetic work on your browser window can really liven things up.

There are a few options you have to customize the look and design of your favorite web browser. We will be talking about:

  • 1. Browser Wallpapers
  • 2. Browser Themes

Customizing Firefox

Firefox Browser Backgrounds

Through add-ons (small programs intended to add features, or in this case a new design) Firefox has made this process extremely easy. If you’ve never used an add-on before, simply go to this link (if you’re using Firefox) and download/install the add-on for Firefox browser backgrounds. You can choose from a variety of browser wallpapers for Firefox including these:



As you can see, a browser background or wallpaper takes a new tab or window and replaces that normally large blank area with a design or image of your choosing. It can be something branded by your favorite band or movie, or something a bit more personal like a photo of your family or boyfriend/girlfriend.

Your next design choice comes in the form of browser themes. Whereas the Firefox browser wallpaper utilizes the large blank area of new tabs or windows, a browser theme gives new life to the more utilitarian areas where the controls are located. The part of the browser you look at most often.


As you can see, this theme (and most others) come with a custom background or wallpaper, as well as re-designing the actual browser window. You’ll find a large gallery of themes for Firefox in the gallery.

Customizing Chrome

Similarly to Firefox, Google Chrome offers theme extensions (the Google Chrome equivalent to add-ons) that provide a simple design solution to a boring window. Google Chrome themes can be found in the Chrome Web Store.

Below are a few examples of Chrome Browser Wallpapers:



Just like their Firefox counterparts, Google Chrome themes tend to take advantage of new tabs and windows by filling them with an attractive wallpaper or background.

Customizing Internet Explorer (IE) & Other Third Party Sources

Unlike Chrome or Firefox, Internet Explorer does not have an official add-on or extensions gallery of themes and wallpapers. However, that does not mean you can’t give IE a face-lift through third party providers of themes and backgrounds. A simple search for IE browser themes and browser wallpapers or backgrounds will bring up a number of third party options for customizing the appearance of your browser. We’ve listed some of the more helpful links below; which, you’ll most likely notice provide even more options for Firefox Browser Wallpapers and Chrome as well.

Notable Desktop Browser Wallpaper Sources:

What are some of your favorite Browser Wallpapers or Browser Wallpaper Sites?

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