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Our first love was Firefox, and what was not to like. It was trendy and elegant. Fitting in with the sophisticated crowd, but equally at home in the dark recesses of the developer community. And Firefox is still all those things.  Now we have still another muse. Google Chrome.

OK, maybe this isn’t a case of love, or even infatuation. We’re simply responding to user demand. Firefox was the product that started it all for us, and IE was the market share leader in need of a browser theme solution. But, the hot and quickly growing browser theme is currently Chrome. And we here it with every launch. “These are awesome! Where’s Chrome?”

The Answer. Brand Thunder’s free interactive browser themes have started to roll out in the Chrome Web Store. We’ve started with some of our more vocal communities requesting the Chrome browser themes. Those first themes are:

How did we get the full interactive browser theme experience into the Chrome browser? We found WebMynd. WebMynd is a Y Combinator-funded firm that helps developers code an app once and have them work on Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. TechCrunch covered WebMynd’s focus on the addon developer platform, and they deliver on the promise. There were rounds of troubleshooting, but the team is responsive and we wound up with a great solution in a fraction of the time it’d have taken for us to completely develop our own.

The result is a great experience on Chrome, faster execution, happier clients and users, and a lot more love to go around.

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