Charlie Sheen Winning Browser Theme Image

Brand Thunder is just launched the Winning Browser Theme inspired by that unmitigated whirlwind of libido, Charlie Sheen. We’ve never met a band wagon we weren’t ready to jump on. Or like certain celebrities, there’s not a wagon we haven’t fallen off of.

To keep up with the latest from Charlie, some people will choose surf to the various web sites that are trying to ride this tsunami of self-congratulation like Or even listen to what the Perez Hilton’s have to say.  We know that’s a losing path.

Plan Better and wear your support. Me? I clicked through my own affiliate link and got a sweet $14 Charlie Sheen shirt for only $13.51 (once I factor in the commission for the sale). Dude, 3.5% is an awesome discount for being on the trending edge! And my browser is decked out with more than just a Winning browser theme, it’s got the Twitter feed straight from the verified account of Charlie Sheen in the toolbar. I’m am fully showing my allegiance to Team Sheen.

When you’re winning, everything is this easy.

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