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One of the primary differences between a toolbar and the browser theme is the heavy graphics of the browser theme. This visual prominence is a big plus, but also has its share of negatives. You can overcome users tiring of the theme by keeping it updated with occasional updates and refreshes. These changes will automatically roll out to all the users of your theme.

There are a few steps to achieve this.

  1. From the BT:Engage Dashboard, choose to Modify your browser theme.
  2. Edit the images so they capture the new look you want. This could be repositioning your existing images or deleting and adding new images.
  3. Click Finish to make the changes live.
  4. You users will get the new background the next time they restart the browser.

The embedded video offers a 2 minute demonstration of this. It uses The Leaky Cauldron Harry Potter fan site as an example. The Leaky Cauldron has no affiliation with BT:Engage or Brand Thunder, but since I’m a fan of the site, books and films – it offered an easy illustration of the instructions. (Writer Notes: As the fates would have it, the images used from the site last week are outdated as of this week. Apologies to all Leaky fans.)

BT:Engage is in private beta, so the exact links and buttons may change, but the capability will remain. It’s an important feature that you and your theme users will come to appreciate.

Many marketers will tell you that online banner ads create a blind spot with the consumer. They quickly learn to skip sections of a page where ads appear. With the browser theme, however, you’re engaged with it enough that you’ll never encounter that problem. If you happen to have a bad design, you can quickly change it for the better. Even if you have a strong and compelling image, over time your users will grow tired of it and want something fresh. BT:Engage is built so you can keep the optimal experience for your users.

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2 responses to “BT:Engage – How to Change the Background Image in a Browser Theme

  1. actully ,i am satisfied with my orca browser except the skin .i’ll stay with it becuse it’s easy to use and based on gecko engine(cool run faster than fierfox .).oh .good .i can make a skin for my orca browser using the way above.

    1. Glad to see themes are an option for Orca users as well. We’re definitely in favor of better looking browsers everywhere.

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