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Sometimes a blank canvas isn’t inspiring enough. The first question of “where do I start?” is just too broad. I’m going to present a series of concepts showing how BT:Engage creates browser themes for fans of web sites, while helping sites achieve the goals they need to be successful like increased visits and clicks to commerce. I’ll present a quick video and a few steps for various categories of sites to get your creative juices flowing. There’s really no limit, but sometimes it helps to see something in context so you can apply it to your own needs.

For this first video sample, I’m using an example from a leading entertainer in Australia and global celebrity, Delta Goodrem, and her leading fan site Delta Daily. Celebrity fan sites are an ideal fit for an interactive browser theme.

The interactive elements, like toolbar buttons, news feeds and links to Facebook and Twitter ensure fans stay connected to the site and the latest news of their favorite celebrity. The multiple images that can be layered into the background to ensure a visual that as interesting as it is beautiful regardless of the subject (though, in this case, we do like that Delta is easy on the eyes). Please note, this example is born out of our appreciation for the performer and the fan site and does not constitute an endorsement of our product by either.

As shown in the video, the elements to create the browser theme are often already available on your web site and the creation of your own theme can be accomplished in a handful of steps.

  • Find compelling images or pictures you have, you can use more than one in your browser theme – just don’t make your theme too busy.
  • Select a background color – the images do not expand with the browser theme, so this will ensure a theme with a “finished” look regardless of how wide the web browser is set.
  • Add buttons to a couple key areas on your web site, not every category – don’t overwhelm the theme with buttons.
  • Add your RSS feed or create one – fresh content is essential for driving up traffic and visits
  • Link to your Facebook and Twitter feeds – helping your users get to the services they use most, while visiting your pages on those sites. Win, win!

Once your done, install it yourself and see how it looks. If something isn’t right, go back into the theme by clicking “Modify” from your dashboard. When you’ve made your set of changes, click “Finish” to republish your theme.

Try building your own browser theme, and comment back if you have questions or give us your feed back at our support site.

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