BT:Engage LogoIf you’re part of the BT:Engage private beta, you’re seeing the MVP (minimum viable product) of browser theme creation. If you’re not, what you’ve missed is the first steps in automating browser theme creation by allowing anyone to quickly build their own themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer by adding layered background images, logos and navigation toolbar buttons.

Easiest Way to Create Your Own Browser Theme

It’s an evolutionary leap in browser add-ons. The easy-to-use browser theme wizard gives online publishers a tool to connect with their communities regardless of the web site they visit. BT:Engage also showcases javascript, the Lithium PHP framework and Mongodb. So, whether you’re interested in another cool tool to engage your online audience, or wanting to see the latest technology in action – there’s something for you.

What’s Here Now

At this stage, BT:Engage is even a little less than an MVP. You get:

  • The basics of theme creation for Firefox and IE interactive browser themes
  • Real-time preview for themes that include logos, layered backgrounds and buttons to any web page
  • Immediate compiling of a finished download for Firefox and IE

And there it stops. Behind the scenes, the coding wizardry that makes this all happen is pretty amazing. For those of us who want to do something with it, the big question is “So?”

Coming Soon

So… Coming in July is the next iteration, what I call the “minimum viable launch product.” We’re continually improving the product and feature set making version dates obsolete. By July, however, key elements necessary to make this a true end-to-end solution are due. In July, you can expect:

  • A more polished User Experience
  • News feeds and social media links to Facebook and Twitter
  • Auto-generation of an elegant download page to ease sharing of the browser theme
  • Basic reporting of total downloads and active users

Try It Now

Get started now with your invitation to the BT:Engage private beta. You’ll get a feel for the technology and a sense of what designs will work best for your site. In July, you’ll be able to quickly enhance your theme with the new features and begin sharing with your audience. It’s an exciting opportunity.

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