BT:Engage Browser Theme Creator
BT:Engage, Brand Thunder’s new browser theme creation platform, is in private beta after long time being a dream. (You can skip ahead and watch this two minute video showing how to build a browser theme and engage an audience.)
Brand Thunder is the leader in interactive browser themes. We earned this place by painstakingly building each and every theme. Employing people and procedures that ran the gamut from developers to hackers, megalomaniacs to mono-taskers, kowtowing to cow tipping. We did what was necessary to take a lean team and build a recognized product in the marketplace. And we can’t keep up.

This “build it by hand” product method is great and we’ve got some cool technologies and implementations to show for it, but it’ll never scale. We’re like the Soho of the interactive marketing world and we just signed our deal with Target. We’ve still got the style and pizzazz but now there’s a line of this product that everyone can access – BT:Engage.

It’s an evolutionary leap in browser add-ons that help online publishers connect with their communities in an easy-to-use browser theme wizard. It’s also a showcase of javascript, the Lithium PHP framework and Mongodb. So whether your designer, developer or community manager, there’s something here for you to like.

It’s currently in its minimum viable product form meaning it’s light on feature set, with only core functionality in place. We’ll tidy up the code during this private beta phase and then move to public beta. In public beta, it’ll be an end-to-end solution where you can easily build and share the themes but will still be light on the feature set. Moving forward, we’ll build on based on user feedback.

It’s an exciting ride and were looking forward to you joining us.

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