Fans of Twitter now have a browser theme all their own! Brand Thunder, the world leaders in browser themes and custom interactive browser themes for Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer, announce the very first browser theme developed specifically for Twitter users. The Tweet Theme, appropriately named for the ability for users to Tweet directly from their browser or via the TweetTheme Sidebar, view their Twitter stream and search Twitter’s real-time stream. Browser themes are “skins” that change the look and feel of the browser whether using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome. The free download for Firefox users is available at

Twitter Browser Theme
Tweet Theme Browser Theme

“Our team are avid Twitter users, and we just felt there wasn’t a quick, easy and light solution for us to Tweet quickly and utilize Twitter’s functionality without using a third-party application or software that can be clunky and inefficient,” remarked Patrick Murphy, CEO of Brand Thunder. “This theme is aesthetically pleasing and allows you to Tweet and access Twitter quickly and easily right from your browser.”

The TweetTheme provides several features that Twitter users will enjoy.

  • The “Tweet This” button allows users to immediately Tweet a website or webpage they are reading to their Twitter Followers with one click, no longer having to navigate to their Twitter homepage.
  • The “TweetTheme Sidebar” allows users to show and post to their Twitter stream in the sidebar while they surf or work on other websites.
  • Search Twitter’s real-time feed directly from your browser with the Twitter search integrated right in your browser.
  • View your Twitter stream “Tweets” with a scrolling Twitter stream on the top right-hand side of the theme.

The TweetTheme aims to help Twitter users use Twitter more effectively with quick access to Tweeting and viewing their stream. “I honestly found myself Tweeting more than I have in the past with this theme,” said lead theme developer Mike Kaply.

Tweet Theme Firefox Theme
Tweet Theme Browser Theme

This theme is in the line of many unique browser themes Brand Thunder has developed since its inception in 2007. Their Weather Browser theme changes design to reflect local weather conditions. A sunny day will show a bright sunny sky background and a rain forecast displays a darker rain and cloud mix. Their NASA Browser theme changes design each week with a selection from NASA’s image of the day.

View the entire gallery of browser themes or create your own theme using the new browser theme tool developed by Brand Thunder.

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