Baseball_bannerWe are excited to announce the launch of our new affiliate program, designed to reward our browser theme fans for promoting their favorite themes. Share your favorite browser themes with friends and fans while earning cool prizes from Brand Thunder.

We’ve made it simple for you to promote your favorite browser theme. Simply create a widget (<--like the Baseball Widget in this post) or link, and promote to your friends, family, colleagues, Facebook friends/fans or even on your blog if you operate one.

Getting Started with the Brand Thunder Affiliate Program

Getting started is very easy and takes less than 1 minute. We timed it!

1. Sign up for an affiliate account:
2. Create your widget
3. Grab your code
4. Post the widget or code on your website, Facebook, Twitter, email, or other.
5. Check your points earned on your affiliate dashboard

What do you earn?

When you create your own unique widget or link to promote to fans, you earn a “point” each time someone clicks on your unique tracker.

Unique Clicks = Points

The more clicks you receive, the higher your rewards. Earn just 500 points and you receive a $25 Amazon gift card or bank your points, grow them to a total of 1000, and receive a $50 gift card, all the way up to a $600 Amazon gift card for earnings 10K+ points or more. The full rewards schedule is listed here:

Brand Thunder Affiliate Rewards:

What are Brand Thunder Browser Themes?

Browser themes are “skins” that change the look and feel of your browser whether you use Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome. Brand Thunder develops both “branded” browser themes of your favorite sports teams, colleges, or big brands as well as “generic” browser themes like the Weather Browser theme that changes based on your local forecast. View our browser theme gallery

About Brand Thunder

Brand Thunder is the world leader in browser theme and custom interactive browser themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Brand Thunder formed in April, 2007 to leverage the power of customization within the web browser and offer companies a compelling, patent-pending solution for creating a more persistent presence with their internet consumer. Brand Thunder has branded the browser and extended its functionality for some of the most recognizable brands in sports, music and the Internet including: Huffington Post, CBS Sports, Mercedes, College Humor, the NBA, NFL & NHL and many more. Read more about Brand Thunder:

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