The Ohio State University Athletics Browser Theme
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Marketing Sherpa gave an in-depth look at how the Ohio State University and Fathead used an interactive browser theme to engage OSU fans and offer them a special chance to win an OSU Fathead.

  • 99.6% clicked when promo button was added to browser theme
  • Active users of browser theme grew 52.7% month-over-month

Compelling data for using the browser to create a persistent communication channel with your audience.

SUMMARY: From mobile to social media, marketing teams are constantly in search of the next hot tactic to help engage customers with their brands. In doing so, they may overlook more traditional avenues for communication.

Read on to find out how one online marketing team leveraged the venerable Web browser, a technology invented in 1991, and promoted a new, branded version of the tool to engage their most active customers. The full Marketing Sherpa: OSU Browser Theme Case Study


The link above is now for view by members only. Here are the results of what was reported.


The most impressive result around OSU’s themed browser release is among the most engaged users, that is, OSU customers who downloaded the tool and were counted as “active daily users,” 99.6 percent clicked on the new prize promotion button when it was added to the browser.

About this result, Brown said, “It gave us the knowledge and the confidence to know that the people who are using the browser on a regular basis will, for the most part, click on something that we suggest they click on. To us, that’s invaluable.”

Other metrics include:

– Overall, the prize promotion had a more than 40% click through. From the soft launch of the themed browser through the March Madness promotion, active users of the browser grew 52.7% month-over-month.
– Total browser downloads from the email blast and Facebook post represented 2% of the email send list.
– The email blast promoting the browser and prize sweepstakes had a 9% open rate. Of those who opened the email, 75% clicked through. This compares favorably with a typical mass email send from OSU with 8-10% open rates.

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