With Microsoft’s latest IE9 release, the company made some major improvements to speed, security and browser features. Firefox, Chrome and IE continue to iterate new versions of their browsers at an increasing pace to keep up with each other and for the lion’s share of the uber-competitive browser market. Internet Explorer is still king when it comes to market share for the web browser, but Firefox and Chrome continue to gain overall on IE. With IE9, Microsoft released a much faster browser and some say more secure than even Chrome or Firefox.

Here at Brand Thunder, we have been creating IE themes for years and IE 9 is no exception. With each iteration, we make sure that our themes are compatible with the newest versions of IE, Chrome or Firefox. This week, we’ve chosen some of our best IE 9 Themes. Enjoy!

1. NEON Lights IE9 Theme

Neon Lights Internet Explorer theme

One of our most popular IE 9 Themes, the NEON Lights Theme gives you a hot looking theme with the look of Neon lights with quick access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and a video sidebar.

2. Ambient Glow IE9 Theme

Ambient Glow Theme - IE9

Thousands have downloaded our Ambient Glow Theme for Internet Explorer for its rich colors and beautiful design. Add quick links to your social media accounts and a video sidebar and you’ll see why so many have added this theme to their browser.

3. The Matrix Code IE9 Theme

Matrix Internet Explorer 9 Theme

We’ve listened to our fans over the years and love to make them happy. Our fans wanted a Matrix-inspired theme for IE9 and so we delivered. This theme features a design you might expect from the Matrix along with your social media quick links and video sidebar.

4. Great Wall of China IE 9 Theme

Great Wall of China theme Internet Explorer 9

The Great Wall of China is one of the few man-made structures visible from space, so we paid homage to the amazing creation with our own IE9 Theme for the Great Wall. Enjoy this inspiring theme to one of the most amazing man-made creations on earth.

5. Movie Premier Theme

IE9 Movie Theme

Movie fans will love this Internet Explorer 9 theme. Read the latest reviews, check out new releases, watch trailers and even purchase tickets to upcoming movies with this Movie Premier theme for IE9.

6. Tron Grid IE9 Theme

Tron Grid Internet Explorer 9

Can you tell we love movies here at Brand Thunder? This Tron inspired theme gives IE9 a great new look with neon lights just like the movie.

7. Halloween Theme for IE9

IE9 Theme for Halloween

Our holiday themes for Internet Explorer are consistently among our most popular each year. Fans enjoy dressing up their browser for the holidays just like they do their homes. This Halloween theme for IE9 gets you ready with amazing images of Halloween and quick links to costume ideas, safety tips for kids, and even the best Halloween videos right in your sidebar.

8. Euro Soccer (Football) Theme

Euro Football IE9

Soccer or (Football for everyone else in the World) is the most popular sport on Earth. This Euro Soccer Theme for IE9 gives you the look of Euro Football right in your browser. Also included are quick links to your favorite teams, tickets for games, team gear, and news from around the Euro Football world.

9. Weather Theme for IE9

Weather IE Theme - Explorer 9

Watch the news or visit your favorite news site for the latest weather forecast? Why not get your local forecast right in your browser so you know what to wear that day? Our Weather Browser Theme for Internet Explorer provides users instant access to their local weather forecast. Check out all the latest weather features from Weatherbug including weather radars, maps, and live weather conditions.

More Internet Explorer Themes

Didn’t find a theme for Internet Explorer 9 that you like on this page? Check out IE9 theme Gallery for even more themes to dress up your bland IE browser. Or you could simply create your own IE theme using our new IE theme creator tool!

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