Firefox 9 has arrived and is faster than ever.. The Firefox 9 release brings speed improvements and uses much less memory than previous versions of the popular web browser. Some are saying this Firefox 9.0 release makes it comparable to Chrome in terms of speed. Some other big upgrades when downloading the new Firefox 9. So you have Firefox 9 installed, check out some of the Best Firefox 9 Themes for your browser:

Top 9 Firefox 9 Themes

1. Bob Marley for Firefox 9

Bob Marley - Firefox9

Get the latest news and updates from your favorite Reggae artists with this beautiful Bob Marley theme for Firefox 9. Links to music, video and the latest from the website.

2. NASA Firefox 9

NASA Firefox 9

Fans of the final frontier will really enjoy this Firefox 9 theme created for NASA. Enjoy stunning imagery of space in a theme that changes weekly with a new picture from space.

3. Looking for Group Firefox 9 Theme

Looking for Group Firefox 9 Theme

Web comics are the rage and the Looking for Group is one of the most popular web comic online. This Firefox 9 theme was designed specifically for the web comic and provides interactive elements to connect directly with news and updates from the website.

4. Weather Theme for Firefox 9

Weather Firefox 9 Theme

The first and only web browser theme that changes with the Weather! This Firefox 9 theme built specifically for weather fans includes a theme that changes with your local weather conditions. Additionally, get weather forecasts and additional weather information right in your Firefox browser.

5. Eco-Friendly Firefox 9

Eco Firefox 9

Get stunning imagery of the great outdoors and show your support for the environment with this Firefox 9 skin designed specifically for Eco-friendly fans.

6. Neon Lights for Firefox 9

Neon Lights Firefox 9

The Neon Lights theme is consistently one of the most popular Firefox themes each month. Bring imagery of the city nights to your browser with this spectacular Neon lights theme for Firefox 9.

7. Fish Filled Aquarium

Aquarium Firefox 9

Go underwater at all times with this Fish Filled Aquarium Firefox 9 theme that dresses up your browser with imagery of the ocean. The barrier reef never looked so good on your Mozilla browser.

8. Abstract Art Firefox 9 Theme

Abstract Art firefox 9

Fans of abstract art and great design will appreciate this amazing theme. Brighten up your Firefox browser with Abstract Art and quick links to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

9. Ambient Glow Firefox Theme

Ambient Firefox 9 Theme

Another theme that consistently makes the “best” list each month is the Ambient Glow Firefox theme. This theme is Firefox 9 ready and provides a stunning backdrop to your Firefox browser. The mesh of rainbow colors provide a beautiful looking theme putting you in a great mood every time you open up your browser.

Firefox 9 Gallery

We’ve provided some of the best Firefox 9 themes but if some of these themes don’t strike your fancy, there are hundreds of additional themes in our Firefox 9 Gallery. Choose from several categories of themes from Entertainment, University, Holidays, Lifestyle, News and Sports. And if you are really ambitious, you can create your very own Firefox 9 Theme using our DIY Firefox theme creator tool: Once you create your own theme, they are added to our gallery for thousands of users to look through and download.

Firefox 9.0 Upgrades

Most of the important upgrades to Mozilla Firefox are under the hood and have dramatically helped improve speed and help reduce memory usage. We would imagine that subsequent releases will continue in this direction. Here are some additional upgrades to Firefox 9.0:

  • Type Interface – This is a new feature for Firefox 9 where the “SpiderMonkey” JavaScript engine makes surfing complex JavaScript websites much easier and faster. According to Mozilla, the upgrade to their Type Interface should make browsing JavaScript websites about 20-30% faster.
  • Memory Usage – Surely seeing pressure from Chrome, Firefox 9 made improvements in reducing memory usage in the browser.
  • Full Screen Mode – Firefox 9 users can now use “Full Screen Mode” which will allow any HTML element to take over the screen.

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